a bat on a ceiling in a home in pekin illinois

Bat Removal & Exclusion

All wildlife, including bats, present potential threats to humans and our pets. Not only can they carry and transmit bacteria or disease through their urine, feces and saliva, but wildlife can also damage your property. Bats are a protected species, so we can take steps to exclude them from entering your home or business, but we can’t physically remove them with traps or any use of chemicals. If you already have bats living in the eaves, attic, or other areas of your home or facility, we use a one-way door system that allows the bats to exit and doesn’t allow them to come back.

quik kill pest control tech inspecting a home in morton illinois for bat entrances

Quik-Kill’s Process For Bat Removal

Excluding bats from a home or business requires several steps. Our wildlife control technicians are experienced in the requirements for eliminating bats and are happy to help you with your bat exclusion needs. Most exclusion services are performed during the late summer or start of autumn as we want to avoid excluding mother bats from returning to their babies.

Step One: Identify Entrances

Quik-Kill will inspect the property to identify where the bats are entering and exiting. Usually, our experienced technicians can locate this spot without having to physically see the bats, but if not we may return after sunset to locate the entrance and exit holes the bats are using.

Step Two: Seal All Gaps

When we’ve identified the bats' primary access points, we keep those open while sealing all other gaps, cracks, and holes. We want to make sure the bats are only using the entrance we’ve identified and not using an alternative entrance or exit.

Step Three: Install One-Way Doors

Next, technicians will place a one-way door on the entrance. This will allow the bats to exit your home but they won’t be able to return to the roost.