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Tips to Avoid Springtime Ants

The spring season is upon us, it is a time of year when everything becomes new once again and people, kids, and pets can finally get back outside and enjoy the warming weather. What is there not to love about spring? There are blooming flowers, budding trees, warm breezes, and chirping birds! But, if we are being truthful, perhaps there is one t...

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carpenter ant up close

April 11, 2018

Types of Ants in Illinois

Regardless of where you live on the planet, ants are a problem. In Illinois, we are no exception, but you already knew that. Ants ruin your barbecues, invade your hummingbird feeders, swarm your drinks; and sometimes, they even make their way into your home. If you see ants near your Illinois home, this guide will help you determine what they ar...

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acrobat ant crawling on wood

July 19, 2017

What Are These Ants In My Kitchen & Bathroom?

We get a couple of questions about ants very regularly in our office. What kind of ant is this? And why are they hiding out in my bathroom? Several species of ants are attracted to our homes, specifically to our bathrooms and kitchens for a few reasons. Ants, like all living creatures, need food and water to survive. The traditionally damp areas...

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carpenter ant crawling on water damaged wood

May 31, 2017

Problems Carpenter Ants Cause

If you experience damaged wood due to an insect, it may not be termites. Termites might be the only insect that eats through wood, but not the only one that can do extensive damage to wood. The problem may be carpenter ants, and they can be just as damaging as termites!...

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carpenter ant

April 28, 2017