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How Flies Get Inside Homes in the Fall

We are well into fall, but that doesn’t mean that pesky flies have completely disappeared. There are quite a few different species of flies, and the presence of different types of flies in your home can mean a variety of things....

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fly on counter

November 30, 2018

How Concerned Should I Be About Phorid Flies?

Phorid flies? What are they? Have you heard of them? While you may not hear the name “phorid fly” as often as house fly or mosquito, these pests are pretty common and it’s important for homeowners to know what these flies are and how to deal with them. To sum it up, phorid flies are those flies that you see hanging around manur...

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phorid fly up close

February 28, 2018

August 25, 2017

Are Horse Flies Dangerous?

Anyone else hate horse flies and the bothersome buzzing that they do around our heads? I can imagine, they irritate most people. They are very hard to swat away or hit, and they always return time after time. These extremely annoying pests can push even the calmest person to the brink of irritation. They are especially irritating to horses and o...

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July 31, 2017

Phorid Fly Prevention Tips

There are many flies that can get into a home and into a kitchen. When they do, they are able to spread harmful bacteria and disease everywhere they land. The , also called the humpback fly because of the noticeable hump on its thorax, is no exception. These tiny black or gray flies are drawn to dead carcasses in the woods, rotting animals on th...

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