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Why Are Lady Beetles Everywhere Inside My Home?

Fall is a great time of year, bringing crisp air, clear skies, and cooler weather. Throughout the late spring and summer, lady beetles, more commonly known as ladybugs, are a welcome sight in our gardens because they eat aphids and other garden pests. In the fall, however, they can be a nuisance to us when they get inside our homes....

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lady bug on a piece of grass

October 31, 2018

Lady Beetle Prevention Tips

When you think about bugs in your home, the dangerous ones and biting pests come to mind. Spiders, roaches, wasps and fleas usually make the list, but one bug that does not is the lady beetle. Yes, pest prevention should include ladybugs too, but not because they are dangerous. Lady beetles in your home can invade by the thousands, and it can be...

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lady beetle crawling up foundation

September 22, 2017