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Six Easy Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Davenport, IA Home

There's something about spiders in Davenport, IA  that gives most people a feeling of unease or terror. Although most local spiders aren't dangerous, some can deliver a painful bite. Whether or not it's harmful, a spider can leave behind a tangled mess of a web. If you don't want to deal with spiders...

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a black widow spider in a web

June 4, 2021

What Not To Do About Termites On Your Streator Property

With every problem in life, there is a simple fix and an overcomplicated solution. Now, not all simple fixes are simple; they just avoid unnecessary complications. For instance, you could fix a flat tire with duct tape. It would not be easy as having a professional fix it, but it would be possible. ...

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termite on wood

May 26, 2021