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Streator's Carpet Beetle Prevention Guide

From spreading diseases to causing allergies to creating property damage, some pests can be dangerous and others can cost you a lot of money. While you’ve likely heard of termites or rodents doing damage to buildings, there is another pest that often leads to property damage. This pest is the carpet beetle....

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a cluster of carpet beatle larvae on a streater illinois rug

January 27, 2020

Knowing Which Cockroach Has Invaded Your Peoria Home

Like many other types of dangerous pests, American, Oriental, and German cockroaches pose enormous health and safety risks for your family, your clients, and beyond. To get a better handle on which type of cockroach has made your house its home, investigate the free comprehensive inspections given by Quik-Kill's certified pest professionals toda...

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a cockroach crawling in a peoria illinois home

January 22, 2020

What To Do If You Find Moths In Your Davenport Closet

One of the most notorious pests in the Davenport area, the case-making clothes moth, is a flying menace for homeowners and apartment renters alike. These moths are no more than a half-inch in length, appearing in color patterns of grey, white, tan, and even yellow. ...

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a cloths moth inside of a davenport iowa home

January 20, 2020

A Parent & Teacher Guide To Bed Bugs In Bettendorf Schools

Bed bugs love places with lots of people, and one of those places are schools. A school building packed full of students makes it a buffet for these blood-sucking insects. Knowing what to do to prevent bed bugs from getting into a school is vital in stopping a school-wide infestation in our Bettendorf Schools....

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a raow of bed bug infested backpacks lines up along a bettendorf school

January 14, 2020

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