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The Trick To Keeping Rats Out Of Your Streator Home

These household pests aren’t just uninvited house guests; they’re invaders who want nothing short of a hostile takeover! Rats are blunt-nosed, small-eared, scaly-tailed rodents with a peculiar love for garbage and filth. These well-known pests are some of the most common creatures sighted here in Streator, and for good reason. R...

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rat crawling on wood

January 26, 2021

How Much Do You Know About Oriental Cockroaches In Peoria?

You call them ‘water bugs,’ we call them ‘pests.’ In either case, these nefarious ne'er-do-wells have got to go! Oriental cockroaches, often referred to as water bugs, are foul-smelling, flightless roaches found here in Peoria. Similar to other members of their species, Oriental cockroaches are small...

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oriental cockroach on a hand

January 21, 2021

Bettendorf's Complete Guide To Subterranean Termites

There are termites and then there are subterranean termites. This type of termite is the most common type found in the country and they represent bad news for your property. In fact, they are the most destructive pests around because of the amount of property damage they cause.  ...

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subterranean termites destroying wood

January 7, 2021

Why Are There Bed Bugs In My Moline Home?

When bedbugs invade the home, it's a big problem that disrupts the daily lives of Moline homeowners. Unfortunately, most people don't understand how the bedbugs got into the house in the first place. In fact, most people believe bedbugs only exist in dirty places....

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a bed bug crawling on a headboard

January 5, 2021

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