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The Secret To Centipede Control In Bettendorf, IA

In the insect world, bugs that seem harmless to us can be some of the most fearsome hunters for much smaller creatures. To us, for example, a centipede is a docile insect, but to a house spider or an ant, centipedes are massive predators that they must hide from....

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house centipede crawling in a bathroom

March 11, 2021

Is It Dangerous To Have Fruit Flies In My Quad Cities' Home? 

Just when you think your home is pest-free, you see a fruit fly buzzing around your trash can. These pests can be frustrating, invasive, and very hard to keep out. However, they don’t strike fear into the hearts of Quad Cities residents as other pests do. If you see a fruit fly in your home, shoul...

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a fruit fly on a kitchen towel

February 25, 2021

Why Am I Seeing Spider Webs Around My Streator Home?      

While spiders may not be the most dangerous pests on earth, they certainly can make their presence felt, literally. Walking through webs inside or outside your house is one of the worst feelings in the world. They stick all over you, they take you by surprise, and they make you wonder where the spinner of the web ended up! What if the days of de...

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a jumping spider on a kitchen floor

February 23, 2021

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