The Secret To Effective Mosquito Control For Your Davenport Yard

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With spring in full bloom and summer right around the corner, now is the time to stay on top of the mosquito population for your Davenport yard. These troublesome pests are quite small, with the largest still only reaching a size of 3/8 inch long. They can be further identified by their grey to black coloring and long mouthparts.

Everyone knows that mosquitoes are annoying because everyone has received the annoying wrath of their bite. However, not everyone knows they’re some of the most deadly animals in the world. The reason for this is because they’re known to spread disease and illness such as malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) to name a few.

Mosquito Control Techniques That Work

Considering their potential to cause significant health problems, it’s important to understand what you can do to help control the mosquito population. That’s why we’ve put together some of the most popular techniques that work:

  • Eliminate standing water: This is the most important thing you can do for your home. Any source of standing water such as a rain gutter or even a birdbath is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Where possible, try to keep any sources of water away from the home.

  • Don’t neglect the screens: Whether it’s on the windows or your air conditioner, it’s important to use screens to keep the mosquitoes outside where they belong.

  • Use mosquito repellent: Look for a repellent that contains DEET to keep the mosquitoes away from you as you walk outside in your yard. Pay close attention to hot spots such as your ankles, feet, lower legs and wrists while spraying.

  • Stick to light colors: Mosquitoes are attracted to deep colors. This means blacks, dark blue, and reds need to be avoided as much as possible. Also, try to stick to thicker fabrics for increased protection.

Mosquito Control Techniques That Don’t Work

With mosquito control being such a concern, it’s inevitable that some solutions available that are less than effective. While they sound nice in theory, the reality is the following techniques just don’t get the job done.

  • Apps: There have been apps released designed for smartphones or sonic devices that release the sound of a dragonfly (a mosquito's natural predator) to ward mosquitoes off. However, mosquitoes have been known to hang around even when there are numerous dragonflies around. Don’t waste your time or money on this solution.

  • Tiki torches: This is a classic solution that is usually a large part of outdoor parties and gatherings. While the heat and moisture may attract the mosquitoes, it doesn’t really inspire them to leave you alone. They still provide nice mood lighting, but there are more effective solutions available.

  • Wristbands: Some wristbands emit a sonic tone or carry repellent. However, this is somewhat effective. The truth is the rest of your body is still fair game.

Our Tried And True Mosquito Control

When it comes to a solution that works day in and day out, nothing beats the help of professional mosquito control. It takes a dedicated and consistent effort to control the mosquito population. Enjoying your yard should be automatic, which is why we offer a comprehensive mosquito control program that gets the job done.

With our approach, a pest management professional will treat the foliage around the yard to ensure the mosquitoes are neutralized at the source. This has the added bonus of also contributing to the reduction of ticks and fleas in the yard. We take things a step further installing our fully automated mosquito control system.

This system emits a very fine mist of botanical insecticide via misting nozzles installed around the areas of your yard that you use most. Our system will automatically activate the killing mist at sunset and sunrise when mosquitoes are most active for the best results. In some cases, you may not need or want a regular mosquito control service, but still want to ensure an important event goes smoothly. That’s why we also offer our special event mosquito treatment designed to ensure the comfort of you and your guests.

Get Started Today With Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators

When it comes to mosquito control, the best time to get started is today. Whether you own a home or run a business, we have the service you need for guaranteed results. Our pest management professionals are ready to make sure you're protected against these dangerous and annoying pests.

Ready for mosquito control services? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional mosquito control options or fill out our online form to schedule your quote.

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