What To Do About Powderpost Beetles Around Your Peoria Property

powderpost beetle damage

There are a variety of common pests you probably worry about as a property owner such as spiders, wasps, flies, and ants, but there are other pests in Peoria, Illinois that can also cause major problems. The powderpost beetle is one such pest you might not think about often or even have heard of, but these tiny beetles are able to do a great deal of property damage.

Powderpost beetles are a subset of around 70 small beetle species that are known for grinding wood down into a powdery substance. This is why they are called by that rather strange name. Most powderpost beetles only get to be about ¾ of an inch long, and, while the exact appearance of a powderpost beetle varies based on the exact species, powderpost beetles can be identified when they are fully grown by their dark brown coloration and club-shaped antenna.

However, when it comes to these beetles, property owners also need to be worried about them at the larval stage as the larvae actually consume the wood. The larvae eat the starch in the wood and leave behind the powder. Powderpost beetle larvae are white and curve-shaped.

How Much Damage Can Powderpost Beetles Do?

Adult powderpost beetles create small holes in wooden structures in order to lay their eggs. This means that both the adults and the larvae can contribute to property damage if an infestation begins.

Once the eggs hatch, the larvae can live in the wood for up to a year, and they will continue eating these wooden structures during that time and leaving behind a white powdery substance that looks like finely ground sawdust. After the larvae reach adulthood, the life cycle begins again, as does the damage.

While you might only worry about termites damaging wood around your property, powderpost beetles can also do a great deal of damage. It’s very bad news if these pests lay their eggs in the wood that’s inside of your home or business as they can damage structural elements (such as beams and flooring) that cost a lot of money to replace. These beetles can also ruin outbuildings, decks, furniture, and more.

Making Your Property Less Appealing To Powderpost Beetles

The powderpost beetle has the ability to put the integrity of your home or business at risk, so they aren’t a problem that should be taken lightly. It can be difficult to identify a powderpost beetle infestation early on, especially if it begins in an out-of-sight area, so one of the best ways to protect your property is by taking effective prevention measures.

You can follow these techniques to reduce factors that attract powderpost beetles:

  • Make sure all wood around the property is treated with products that protect against wood-destroying pests.

  • Keep firewood stored about 30 feet away from the sides of your home or business and make sure it’s stacked neatly.

  • High-humidity levels can attract these pests, so make sure to remove standing water from your property and fix any leaky plumbing.

  • Fix or replace any damaged screens in both doors and windows.

What’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of Powderpost Beetles?

These small pests are a big headache, and you don’t want to risk spending thousands of dollars in repairs. If you’ve noticed powderpost beetles around your property, contact the experts at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators right away. We’ve been in business for over 100 years, and our talented team members have years of experience eliminating pest infestations of every shape and size.

At Quik-Kill, we can provide powderpost beetle removal quickly and efficiently, and we offer residential and commercial pest control. To get started protecting your home or business, call us today at (888) 672-0022 or request an inspection online. We are here to help remove any pest infestation, no matter how severe, with our individual and affordable service plans.

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