When Beetles Invade Your Home

larder beetle up close

When beetles invade your home, it can sometimes be difficult to know what beetle you have. Proper identification is key to choosing the right pest control methods to arrest the problem.

Okay, do I have larder beetles?

A larder beetle is a fairly easy insect to identify. Being that it is an insect, it has the characteristics of an insect: six legs, two antennae, and three body parts. It is also a beetle, as its name implies. Therefore, it is oval in shape and has a hard skin like other beetles. It is mostly black in color, except for a tan strip with black dots across the top of its back. And it measures around 9 mm as an adult.

Why do I have larder beetles?

Some beetles damage wood. Some beetles damage clothing and carpets. And some beetles infest food. The larder beetle is a food-infesting beetle. This is most likely why you have them in your home.

How do I get rid of larder beetles?

If you have an obvious food source these beetles are feeding on, removing it could remove your larder beetle problem. But, if the source is hard to find, or the infestation is widespread, you may need to call a professional.

It is a good idea to call a professional, regardless. Larder beetles feed on dead insects. If your home has dead insects in the wall voids, these beetles could find all the food they need to multiply.

Why would I have insects in my wall voids?

If you see lady bugs, box elder bugs, stink bugs, or some other kind of overwintering bug crawling around in your curtains, on your window panes, or across your television during the winter months, there is a good chance you have dead bugs in your wall voids. Overwintering pests are notorious for providing a food source for secondary pests. This is another good reason to get a pest control technician to look at your larder beetle problem. Pest issues can have a cascading effect. The best way to stop the problem is to address all of the pest pressures and apply methods to seal those pests out.

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