How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Bettendorf Yard

paper wasp swarming a nest

Summer is such a lovely time of year, but it comes with its downsides too. Wasps and other insects can make backyard socializing less than enjoyable. It would stink if you were just about to score the winning point in the cornhole competition, only to be stung by a wasp. Maybe you could get a do-over. The guys at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminator will fix it so that the rest of your summer will be wasp free.

Description Of Area Wasps

There are four types of wasps common to Bettendorf, Iowa. Considering that there are 4,000 species in the United States, we should be grateful there isn’t more in our city.

  1. The mud dauber wasp - Named for its nest built from mud. You will see these nests under eaves, stuck to concrete walls, and in apartment complex breezeways. Any place where they can be out of the harsh elements, but still outdoors. These nests will last years if undisturbed. The mud dauber is usually only aggressive when threatened.
  2. The paper wasp - Named for a nest built from a paper-like substance they produce. These wasps build their nests on horizontal surfaces, preferring tree branches, garages, barns, and sheds. Extremely territorial and aggressive, they have a nasty sting that is incredibly painful. Known to cause an anaphylactic reaction to those that are allergic.
  3. Yellow jacket wasp - Named for its yellow coloring. They build nests in the ground, or the walls of buildings. Come fall or early winter, they will often venture into your living space in search of warmth. This is a temporary problem, but still very unsettling. They love meat, and will sting you as they swarm around your hamburger.
  4. Cicada killer wasp - Named for the attacks on the cicada bug. They are black with yellow markings, and orange translucent wings. For the most part, these wasps won’t harm humans. The female can sting if directly threatened, the males cannot sting, but are known to divebomb any people that go near the nest.

Proactive prevention is the best approach when dealing with wasps. Educating yourself on ways to make your property unwelcoming to them will help.

What Types Of Things Attract Wasps

If you like it, then you can bet the wasps will like it also.

  • Flowers - Wasps like flowers. They are attracted to the sweet nectar as a food source, but also, they enjoy the smell. People that enjoy their flower gardens aren’t likely to give them up to reduce the wasp population.
  • Meat - Wasps need protein, so meat is a natural attraction for them. Have you ever been to a BBQ and had wasps try to help themselves to your steak? They are a terrible nuisance at backyard outings.
  • Fruit trees - Dropped rotting fruit is another attractor. You should keep the dropped fruit picked up. Use caution when disposing of fruit, many people get stung as they reach for the fruit. Try using an extension grabber, so you can maintain a safe distance.
  • Insects - As we said earlier, wasps like protein. This includes insects. The cicada killer will obviously go after the cicadas. The female will capture a cicada, and deposit it into a cell. Then, she will lay one egg in each cell. The larvae will feed on the cicada while it develops.

How To Keep Wasps Out Of Your Bettendorf Yard

Here are a few tips for keeping the wasps away.

  1. Remove any food sources, this includes garbage cans, empty soda cans, dropped fruit from trees, and other insects.
  2. Check for sources of stagnant water, removing these water sources will help with many insect issues.
  3. Grow plants that naturally repel the wasp, such as mint, thyme, or lemongrass.

Do Not Attempt A DIY Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nest removal can be very dangerous. Please do not attempt this on your own. Call Quik-Kill Pest Control for a free estimate today. We’re ready to help you with our residential or commercial pest control services.

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