Pest Bird Solutions For Commercial Facilities


Few would disagree that birds are amazing creatures, but when pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and other birds congregate, they can bring many problems with them. The most notable of issues is linked to the droppings birds leave on the ground, roofs, ledges, and in roosts. At best, droppings are a headache to clean up and a cost that no business should have to pay out. But, the feces of birds can have corrosive properties that lead to damaged buildings, sidewalks, statues, and more. They may also contain harmful bacteria and diseases that can cause human illness. If you own or operate a commercial facility, the last thing you need is another frustration to deal with. Here are a few ways bird control can help.

Solutions For Bird Problems

  • When birds are allowed to fly anywhere they want, they can contaminate exterior food areas, cause walkways to be slippery, get into machinery, and more. Netting installation is an eco-friendly solution that protects areas that need to be protected. It can keep birds from creating roosts in rafters, on ledges, in gaps, under air conditioning units, and other undesirable locations. It can also fully exclude birds from zones that need to remain free of bird contamination. Netting is a versatile solution, one that can blend into the natural architecture of a facility.

  • Birds love to congregate on rooflines and ledges. This is also a roosting preference for many bird species. These roosts are hard to clean, and the material in roosts can be toxic to those who are sent to clean them. A simple solution to unwanted roosts is exclusion products like bird spikes, spring wire, coils, electric shocks, and anti-roost gels.

  • Sometimes it is not ideal to put netting up to exclude birds from getting into sensitive areas. In these cases, aversion fogging can do the trick. This is a mist that repels birds without harming them.

  • Sometimes bird control has to be direct or immediate. In these cases, bird trapping is needed. But there are governmental regulations regarding which birds can be removed, and how they can be removed. There are also health risks to consider. It is always best to have a professional deal with roost cleanup.

If you require bird control and you're in our Illinois service area, let the bird control professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators help you develop a comprehensive plan that will fully address the problem. Our team has the experience, education, and resources to safeguard your business. Call us today for immediate assistance.

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