Types Of Ants That Are Problematic In The Winter

carpenter ant crawling on wooden surface

During the cold winter in Davenport, Illinois, and the surrounding areas, most ants will go dormant. However, there are certain conditions that can cause carpenter ants to remain active during the cold months, and these ants can still pose a hazard to your home. This makes ants a year-round risk that requires year-round prevention and could require treatment even in the winter. A colony of carpenter ants has the potential to stay active during the winter if the wood or soil they are living in remains warm enough. If the ants have built their colony within, beneath, or near the foundation of a home, there is a good chance their colony will remain warm enough to keep the ants active all winter long in Illinois. The warmth radiating from the house will heat the surrounding soil.

When a colony of ants remains active during the winter months your home is at risk of damage from ants even in the winter. The ants in colonies under or near your home will likely be attracted to the heat and tunnel their way towards your house. If they get into your house, they may start burrowing into the wood beams. If the colony is already within your house it will remain active through the winter and the ants will continue to dig away at wood beams and cause damage to your home year-round. Carpenter ants are extremely destructive pests and cause thousands of dollars of damage every year. It's frustrating how minimal the signs of carpenter ant infestation can be. The most obvious sign is if there are small piles of wood shavings near wooden surfaces in the home from where the ants began building their nest. A definite sign of an infestation is if you see any winged ants coming out of walls or vents in your home. Another clear sign of carpenter ants is if you hear any kind of rustling or movement inside of a wall in your house.

If you spot the signs of an ant infestation in your home it is important that you call a pest control expert. Even if it is during the winter, carpenter ants, as well as other forms of ants, can cause a lot of damage if they are able to remain active. Since the ants are burrowed deep into the wood of your home there is no effective way to get them out without professional help. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators can provide you the expertise and tools to put a stop to wood-destroying carpenter ants, leaving your home's structure secure, and your home a place of warmth and peace instead of risks and worries. Contact us today for more information on how we can put a stop to carpenter ants, no matter the season.

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