What Every Peoria Resident Should Know About Norway Rats

close up of norway rat

The Norway rat, which is often referred to as the brown rat, is among the most common rodents found in the U.S. Females can generate dozens of offspring in a year, which develop into adults within several months. From nose to tail, Norway rats usually measure between 13 and 18 inches long, and their bodies have fur that is typically brown with some black hairs.

Among the most common environments where Norway rats exist include garbage dumps, sewers, basements, or other ground-level areas.

Norway rats are primarily nocturnal creatures that are often heard foraging at night. These pests will eat most of the same foods that humans do.

The Problems That Norway Rats Can Create

Norway rats are burrowing creatures that are often traveling through sewers and trash and have exposure to parasites. They are known for carrying leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonellosis, and other harmful concerns.

Norway rats also contaminate foods and interior environments by leaving a trail of urine and excrement. As with most rodents, the jaws of Norway rats have continuously growing incisors that cause them to continually gnaw on things, which may include cables, wiring, and softer metals, including copper. They will commonly damage property such as materials such as insulation and cloth, which may be used in constructing a nest.

Tips For Preventing Intrusions

There are various best practices to consider when seeking to prevent rats, including:

  • Remove unnecessary clutter and debris such as firewood storage piles away from the exterior of the structure.
  • Outdoor trash cans should be stored away from the home and have tightly fitting lids.
  • Avoid leaving bowls of uneaten pet food near entryways, in garages, or on decks or patios.
  • Promptly clean up spills, regularly sweep the floors in kitchen areas, and ensure that trash cans containing food scraps have functional lids.
  • Inspect the lower exterior area of the structure for any holes, gaps, or other possible entry points that need filling.

Should I Contact A Pest Control Professional?

Some Peoria property owners will detect the presence of rats and attempt to take matters into their own hands by trying mythical home remedies or gimmicky products such as those that generate ultrasonic sound. Others will try do-it-yourself treatment options such as baiting stations and traps that are sold through online retailers or in local home improvement stores.

The majority of the store-bought treatment options are merely capable of achieving very mediocre results that are insufficient for eliminating larger infestations and simply cause prolonged aggravation. Also, some of these products might contain harsh chemical agents that pose health risks. The best course of action is to promptly consult with a professional pest controller to conduct a detailed interior and exterior inspection to determine the means of intrusion, the extent of the infestation and propose an effective treatment plan.

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