Fall Prevention Tips To Keep Your Streator Home Spider Free All Winter

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During the wintertime, plenty of pests are on the move to get out of the cold and find warm shelter – but spiders aren’t one of them. Unlike rodents or cockroaches, spiders have an “antifreeze” system, allowing them to spend time in freezing conditions with very few consequences.

While they may take up residence in a leaf pile or tree bark, spiders usually aren’t gunning for your home like some pests may be. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter spiders in your Streator home during the winter. There are other reasons spiders may end up inside. Here’s what homeowners should know about why they’ll see spiders, how to prevent them in the fall, and how to handle a bigger spider problem.

Why Do You See Spiders In Your Streator Home During The Fall And Winter?

If spiders don’t enter your home to escape the cold, then why are you finding them in your house? Well, the answer can be a little unsettling. Most of the time, if you’re finding spiders in your home during the fall or winter, it’s because they’ve been there the whole time.

Spiders may end up indoors because they’re following insects or other pest prey and stick around by hiding out in the voids of your walls, cluttered storage areas, or dusty attics. The baby spiders that may have hatched months ago have now grown and must compete with other spiders for food and mates – which means venturing into other parts of your home and getting spotted by you.

How To Prevent Spiders In Streator, IL

If you’re worried about spiders entering your home in the first place, there are a couple of active steps you can take to keep them away, including:

  • Patch up potential “entrances”: Spiders may use tiny cracks, gaps, or other holes in torn window screens or your foundation to get inside. Using a sealant, like caulk, to patch up these gaps will eliminate potential access points for spiders.
  • Store your food appropriately: While spiders may not be after your food, they are hunting the pests who are. Keeping food items in airtight containers and cleaning up food scraps is an excellent way to deter other insects and pest prey.
  • Seal your garbage bins: Even if your food is stored well, unsealed garbage bins can also bring in other pests that may attract spiders.
  • Clean up cluttered areas: Even inside your home, spiders prefer to hide in dark, cluttered areas where they won’t be disturbed. If you can get rid of clutter, you’ll be making your home less attractive to them.

These tips are important for minimizing the risks of spiders in your Streator home, but they likely are not enough to eliminate an existing population.

The Most Effective Spider Services In Streator, IL

With so many hiding places and ineffective DIY methods, getting rid of a spider (or pest prey) infestation on your own can be almost impossible. That is why it’s a good idea to leave the hard work up to the professionals, like those of us at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators.

Not only are our services fast and effective, but since we’ve been serving the Streator area since 1929, our trusted reputation speaks for itself. If you’ve been spotting spiders around your home any season of the year, don’t wait – contact us at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators to find out more information about our spider control services.

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