Late Summer Flea Prevention Tips For Moline Homeowners

a flea feasting on the human skin of a moline illinois resident

Many Moline homeowners love their pets. They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and cats are certainly just as loved. However, while furry pets bring lots of smiles to your home, they can also bring fleas. If you have pets, you probably know what fleas are. These tiny bugs feed on blood from your pets, and sometimes from you. Here’s what you need to know about fleas and how to keep them out of your home, and away from your family this season.

Fleas in Early Fall

Many pests are more active during the summer months. Fleas are no exception in that they like warm weather and the higher humidity that comes with summer. However, these insects don't stop their activity once the weather cools down. In fact, fall can cause an even bigger flea problem!

Fleas will bite just about any animal so even if you have no pets, you could still have fleas. They can be carried into your yard by wildlife such as deer, elk, or raccoons and from there can jump onto you or your family. If they make it inside, they will hide in furniture—especially furniture with soft fabric. They’ll lay eggs around your house, and once those eggs begin to hatch, you’ll find yourself in the middle of an infestation.

Fleas are also found on smaller animals, such as mice, squirrels, or rats. These animals can carry the fleas directly into your home, during the fall, as they seek a warm place to wait out the winter.

Keeping Fleas Out of Your Home

Because fleas can travel on mammals, you need to make sure your home is free of any pests. A good first step, before the temperature drops, is to check your home’s exterior for places where they can enter. Look for holes or cracks in your foundation or the siding and repair them. Make sure that animals can't get in through your chimney by using a cap, or through broken screens or windows.

If you have pets, your job is a little harder. You'll want to consult a veterinarian to determine the best flea treatment for your pet. Dogs and cats can pick up fleas year-round, so you'll want to invest in a flea collar, flea drops, or another preventative medication for your pet. Even with flea treatments, pets can still pick up fleas. Routine checks can help you catch a flea problem early on before they escape into your home.

Stopping Fleas If They Get Inside

If fleas do get into your house, they can be a pain to get out, and they multiply quickly. Their eggs are incredibly resilient, so do-it-yourself methods of removal rarely kill any unhatched eggs. It is frustrating and expensive to spend a lot of time attempting to eliminate fleas only to have a second round appear when the eggs hatch.

The chemicals you use for DIY flea elimination can also be dangerous if misused. Instead of spending all your free time fighting off fleas, let Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators do the hard work for you. With years of experience, dedicated training, and efficient tools, we can eliminate these pests once and for all. Our treatments address the entire problem so that we destroy not only adult fleas but also the unhatched eggs. There's no reason for you, or your pets, to put up with fleas this fall. Quik-Kill is here to help.

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