How To Prevent Winter Rodents Around Your Home

mouse outside in the snow

As winter sets in around the Davenport area, it’s time for us to shout out and celebrate that the mosquitoes, bees, and other pests are gone for good, or at least for the season. But don’t start celebrating too quickly. There’s one variety of pests that can become a real nuisance for homeowners as the weather changes. Rodent infestations reach their peak in winter. It’s not too late to try to take some steps to keep these pests out and it’s smart to reach out to the professionals if you are currently experiencing rodent problems.

Rodent Infestations Peak In Winter

It’s probably obvious why rodent problems peak for homeowners in the winter. Just like we don’t want to be outside in the cold and snowy Iowa and Illinois winter weather, neither do rodents. They start looking for warm places to nest and call home as the temperatures drop. That’s not the only reason they come indoors though. As winter sets in, food becomes scarce for these pests. They find their way inside our homes in search of food.

Late Prevention Steps For Homeowners

You might be thinking that winter is here and it’s too late to do anything about rodents now, but that’s not the case. Bundle up and head outside and look for cracks and holes down low around your foundation, garage, under decks, and around pipes and utility wires. Rodents such as mice can get into your house in a hole as small as a dime. Rats and squirrels are adept at climbing and can find their way in through your chimney, vents, and roofline; so search up high for cracks, damage, or other obvious entry points. Use caulk and steel wool to temporarily seal up any problem areas until you can do something more permanent.

You’ll also want to take steps daily to keep your house clean. Vacuuming, mopping, wiping counters, sweeping, and removing trash all get rid of tempting treats for rodents. Sealing up food in airtight containers that are rodent proof, like glass and hard plastic, can help keep rodents out and protect your food.

Getting Professional Help

Even if you take precautions, rodents can be persistent pests. Their innate desire to gnaw means that they can chew through most building materials and will find their way in if they really want to. Hiring our professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators is one surefire way to keep rodents out of your home this winter. Our Home Guardian Service in Davenport and the Quad-Cities helps to both monitor and eliminate rodents from your home, not just in winter, but throughout the year. Call us today if you suspect a rodent problem or if you want to be proactive in preventing one from happening.

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