The Best Way To Deal With Bed Bugs Problems In Bettendorf

bed bug up close

Bed bugs are exceptionally good at finding their way indoors. Think of them as hitchhikers, and your Bettendorf home is their hopeful destination. Bed bugs can be just about anywhere, from public transportation to your cousin’s suitcase sitting in your spare bedroom.

One of the most common ways these little bugs spread is through people traveling. We tend to see a spike over holiday seasons with the extra traveling that goes on, and it’s common to see bed bugs stay a while. If you’re still dealing with a bed bug infestation even after the holidays have ended, you’re not the only one. Bed bugs are persistent pests that are close to impossible to eliminate with DIY methods alone. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators is here to help.

Why DIY Elimination Methods Don't Work

Bed bugs are hardy pests and great hiders. DIY attempts to control bed bugs often fail because of their ability to hid in hard-to-reach areas. Besides that, they often exist in large numbers. Their population may be low to start, but at the rate at which they reproduce, you’ll be in over your head before you know it. Continuous vacuuming and washing sheets may get a few, but you can be sure there are still many more that you can't see and will not be able to get rid of on your own.

A lot of DIY solutions kill a portion of the bed bugs, but really only scratch the surface of the infestation. These pests can survive close to freezing temperatures and temperatures a little over 100 degrees. They can survive many homemade sprays and treatments, as they easily build up a tolerance to them.

Identifying a Bed Bug Infestation

It’s important to know the signs of an infestation to be sure you catch it as early as possible. Here’s what to watch for:

  • Itchy bites on your skin.

  • Itchy pets.

  • Seeing actual bed bugs (in bedding, on furniture, pets, rugs, etc.).

  • Shed skins.

  • Blood stains.

  • Bed bug eggs.

  • Bed bug excrement on your bedding (they will look like dark spots or streaks).

For more information on the signs of bed bugs and where you can find them, read our Signs of Bed Bug Infestations blog.

Get Professional Help

If you suspect you have bed bugs, it’s best to contact us at Quik-Kill. Don’t let these pests stay and grow larger in number. The professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators can get rid of your bed bug infestation as soon as possible. Even if you’re questioning what type of pest you’re dealing with, we can help you inspect and determine if it’s bed bugs or some other pest.

We offer services for both Bettendorf and throughout the Quad City area homes and businesses. Not only will current infestations be eliminated, but we will continue to monitor and prevent future invasions. Learn more about bed bug removal and contact us to get started!

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