Ant Control Made Easy For Your Moline Home

ant on concrete countertop

While common household ants aren’t known the world over for their aggression toward humans, many ants actually are venomous and/or have no qualms about attacking humans. Thankfully the worst offenders live in other nations, but we have some serious contenders here in town.

Pest control in Moline is our specialty. Reach out today if anything in the guide below sounds just a little too familiar.

Characteristics Of Common Ants

Ants are fairly easy to identify, especially once you’ve armed yourself with these fast facts about picking them out of a lineup:

  • Ants have “bent” antennae on their heads that look like they have elbows.

  • Most ants do not have wings and are of the standard “worker” variety.

  • Unlike spiders, ants have only six legs, and not eight.

  • Large heads with tiny, “beady” eyes almost directly on opposite sides.

There are, of course, a large variety of ants in the wild. They’re a very common animal anywhere in the world. That said, the common ants that’ll likely be the first to show up to the party should you leave out any unsecured food are not too exotic and are easy to identify.

The Many Problems Ants Can Create In Your Home

Ants aren’t just annoying when you’re out for a picnic or sitting in the grass outdoors. They’re much more of a nuisance when they’ve made their way into the home. Here are some of the many ways ants pose a threat to the average household.

  • Ants can bring dangerous diseases and even chemicals into your home. They’re certainly not famous for wiping their feet!

  • Ants can leave scent trails for other ants that serve as an invitation for their pals to come right in. Once scouting ants have marked your place as a warm, potentially safe place for their colony to explore for food, you can trust that they will.

  • Ants can burrow into the structure of your home, and some actually digest wood. That means that, like termites, ants can actually weaken the bones of your home, posing a structural threat.

Suffice it to say, ants aren’t just an annoyance to us. They can actually damage your entire home, and there are plenty of stories out there about homeowners losing thousands of dollars to repair damage caused by ants. Ant control solutions are essential if you think you’ve got an infestation brewing.

It's Difficult To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation On Your Own

Many homeowners and insect experts would probably agree that ant pest control is an incredible challenge. Ants are some of the world’s most efficient and territorial colony builders, if not the very best!

Their resiliency comes from a few factors, but chief among them is the fact that ants can and will build the bulk of their housing structures well out of your view. While it’s easy to notice a band of ants marching about a countertop or similar surface, it’s far more difficult to find where they’re hiding their nest, as it’s likely in a wall or even underground.

Consider this, too – once a colony of ants is established, there will be a queen and a location where most of the young ant larvae will be stored. Outdoor ant control is nearly impossible for this reason. Ants prefer to do much of this underground, when possible, well out of view of you or me.

Ants work in unison toward common goals as a colony, and protecting the queen ant and the colony’s young are the most important rules an ant colony will follow. That’s why experts agree on the difficulty, if not impossibility, of an average homeowner removing an ant infestation on their own.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation

As you can see, ant control for homeowners boils down to calling in the pros.

Following the ant prevention tips we’ve outlined is certainly a good start, but it’s important to know when you’re outmatched. Call Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators if you are experiencing an infestation, and we’ll get started on evicting these pests at once. Ant control in Moline is, and always has been, our bread and butter.

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