How To Effectively Eliminate Mice Problems In Peoria

mouse hiding in home

It’s common for mice to enter homes in Peoria as the weather cools down in the fall. They search for a warm dwelling place to spend the cold winter months. What better place than human homes that provide warmth and food sources? Sometimes mice stay for long periods of time before being discovered. The problem with this is the damage they cause in the meantime.

Mice are rodents, which means they have front teeth that continuously grow. This is why they chew so much. This chewing will damage your home and personal items. Mice also spread bacteria and illnesses. These small, furry creatures can be detrimental to our health. That’s why it’s important to eliminate an infestation as soon as you find one.

Warnings Signs

Chew marks are one of the first signs homeowners may notice. Mice can chew through wood, fabrics, wires, food containers, and plenty of other materials. If you’re noticing holes or bite marks on items throughout the house, there’s a good chance you have mice. (Take a look at common types of rodents to see what other rodents infest Peoria properties.) Another telltale sign of mice will be the droppings they leave behind everywhere they go. Other signs include scratching and scampering noises, small footprints or runways, and a strong urine odor.

Steps Homeowners Can Take To Help Rodent Proof a Home

  • Cover food sources. If they aren’t able to get to food, they’ll need to move elsewhere.
  • Seal trash tightly. If mice aren’t getting to the food in the pantry, they’ll probably go for the food in the trash.
  • Avoid making them comfortable. If you store blankets and sheets in the attic or closet, keep them in covered totes. Mice may huddle up and nest in them to stay warm. This goes for untouched, stored-away clothing as well.
  • Contact pest control. DIY bait methods and trapping usually are highly misunderstood with mice. The wrong placement, the wrong bait, and the wrong method will have ineffective results. Professional pest control will remove the mice successfully.
  • Seal entry-points. This is best done once mice leave or they will most likely form a new entry-hole. With no current infestations, sealing any cracks and openings around the exterior of your home can rodent proof your home and prevent them from entering. The right professional pest control can ensure infestation doesn't happen again.

If you live in Peoria or any of our other service areas, contact Quik Kill Pest Eliminators when signs of mice appear. Our detailed inspections tell us exactly what you’re dealing with and the best way to eliminate the infestation. Our home pest control programs offer the most effective and comprehensive protection for all common household pests. With 85 years of experience, you can trust us to do the job right. Stop worrying about what pests are doing to your home and your health, schedule with us today.

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