Why DIY Solutions For Brown Banded Cockroaches Often Fail


If you're not familiar with all of the many species of cockroaches that can get into a home, we understand. Cockroaches are not really something most people want to learn about. But, it is a topic worth knowing something about. Roaches aren't just disgusting bugs; they are dirty bugs that can poison food, contaminate dishes and food prep surfaces, spread allergens, and even bite. All of these can lead to sickness for a family.

Today, we're going to take a quick look at the brown banded cockroach, and talk about a specific fact every homeowner should understand about this species of roach. You can probably tell from the heading that we're going to be focusing on the ineffectiveness of DIY solutions. This is an important topic because failing to eliminate roaches always leads to continued suffering for a family.

What is a brown banded cockroach? This is a tiny cockroach that is under a 1/2 inch in length. It is brown with light banding across its wings--hence, the name. It has six tan legs, two long antennae that shoot out from the front of their head, and usable wings.

Why is the brown banded cockroach a problem?

Its tiny size and ability to fly allows this roach species to gain access to many places other bugs and cockroaches can't get to. This makes it incredibly difficult to keep out. Which means, eliminating them from your home is only going to be a temporary solution if you don't seal and protect your exterior walls, foundation, and roofline.

Another trait that makes the brown banded cockroach such a pernicious pest for homeowners is that it does not require high levels of moisture. This roach can do quite well in homes that are dry and new.

Why do DIY solutions fail?

While it is possible to capture or kill brown banded cockroaches in large numbers, this is a dirty task that can go on for months and months without any resolution to the problem. As mentioned above, the secret to keeping these resourceful and adaptive cockroaches out is to create a barrier they can't pass through. This can only be done through the use of insecticides. And, since insecticides can be dangerous when applied improperly and to the wrong area, they are not only ineffective as a DIY solution, they are potentially hazardous for a family.

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