Why Now Is The Perfect Time For Professional Mosquito Treatment In Bettendorf

a profession pest control technician treating a bettendorf lawn for preventative mosquito control

Have you noticed that mosquitoes are worse in the evening, after sunset, in Bettendorf? That’s because mosquitoes need moisture to survive and flying around in the sun can dry them out. They prefer to move around after sunset or in the early morning when the air holds more moisture.

Unfortunately, the mosquito’s preference for evening activity impinges on human activity as so many of us want to go out in the evening to talk to neighbors, play with our kids, or do a little gardening.

The fact that mosquitoes seek out moisture gives you a clue to some of the reasons your yard might be attractive to these insects. Mosquitoes like to hang out in shady areas, out of the drying sun, so if there are areas of deep shade in your yard, there’s a good chance those areas are sheltering mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, so they are attracted to anything in your yard that holds water. We mean anything, from a swimming pool to a toy left out in the yard that has collected a little rainwater. The more water you can eliminate from around your home, the less attractive it will be to mosquitoes.

So, pick up the toys and overturn the kiddie pool when the kids aren’t splashing around in it. Make it a habit to clean out bird baths and other items and put in fresh water often. Fix any leaky outdoor spigots.

While steps like these can reduce the number of skeeters that are bugging you, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll get rid of them completely using DIY products. After all, a female mosquito can lay 100 eggs in just a couple of days, so there are always more mosquitoes to replace any you manage to swat or spray away.

The trained pest control professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators understand how to proactively target mosquitoes to eliminate their breeding sites and stop the cycle of breeding. That means fewer mosquitoes hatching that can then go on to lay eggs of their own, so the number of irksome mosquitoes goes down.

Quik-Kill customers can choose from several options.

  • Outdoor Living Program. Our pest management professionals will spray foliage around your home where mosquitoes land, rest, and lay eggs. This treatment will also reduce the numbers of other summer insects, such as ticks and fleas.

  • Mosquito Misting System. With this system (appropriate for homes and businesses), we’ll install misting nozzles in the areas you use the most, and the automatic misting system will send out a fine spray of botanical insecticide at the times mosquitoes are most active. This provides effective, summer-long control for mosquitoes.

  • Special Event Treatments. If you have a party or other event planned for your yard, Quick-Kill can provide a one-time treatment prior to the event so that your guests can enjoy a mosquito-free experience.

Contact Quick-Kill Pest Eliminators today to discuss a pest control plan that meets your needs.

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