Interesting Facts About Carpet Beetles

carpet beetle larvae

All over the country, carpet beetles are among the most common insects found indoors. If you've never experienced a carpet beetle in your home, there is a good chance you will at some point! Here are 5 interesting facts about carpet beetles – and how to get rid of them if you've got them.

Carpet Beetle Species 

The three most common species of carpet beetle include:

  • Varied carpet beetle – Round in shape and about 2-3 mm long. Their upper part is yellow and brown with white scales and irregular black stripes. They have wings that have a white band and a red stripe in the middle.

  • Black carpet beetle – Oblong shaped and between 3 and 5 mm long. The black carpet beetle is dark brown or black in color.

  • Furniture carpet beetle – Oval in shape, the furniture carpet beetle is about 2.5 mm long. They are black, yellow, or white.

Carpet Beetles Can't Bite Yet Can Still Make You Sick

You don't have to worry about getting bit by carpet beetles. They don't have mandibles that are large enough to cause pain when they bite a human and they don't have any venom. You don't have to worry about getting sick if a carpet beetle should try to bite you, but that doesn't mean there are no health concerns associated with these pests. Cross-contamination is possible when carpet beetles come into contact with human foods.

Carpet Beetle Larvae Are Most Destructive 

Unlike most indoor pests, the adult carpet beetles aren't the ones that cause the damage to your home. The larvae are the most destructive as they feed on leather, fabric, wool, fur, and feathers. They'll damage anything from carpets to clothing to upholstered furniture. The larvae can live for long periods of time, up to several weeks, without any food and can move around your home in search of food sources.

Carpet Beetle Adults Ravage Your Gardens 

Adult carpet beetles don't eat the same things the larvae eat. They feed mostly on nectar and pollen outside but in your home, they'll invade your favorite foods – cereal, flour, and rice. They can also be found in your plants and gardens and will damage ornamental flora with light petals.

Black Carpet Beetles Infest Kitchens 

In the northeastern United States, the black carpet beetle is the most common. In addition to leather, silk, feathers, wool, and hair, black carpet beetles may also eat plants, other insects, and dried meat. These are the species most likely to be found infesting your kitchen cabinets.

How to Prevent Carpet Beetles Year-Round 

Carpet beetles and larvae are likely unwelcome guests in your home, along with any other nuisance pests that think they're going to take up residence in your house. With Quik-Kill's Home Guardian Service SM, you get year-round pest control protection from pests, rodents, termites, and a wood damage warranty for one price.

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