How Dangerous Is It To Have Bed Bugs In My Davenport Home?

a bed bug buting human skin

We don’t need to remind you that blood-sucking pests are a particularly undesirable breed of bug, but do you realize just how dangerous these tiny hitchhikers really are?
At the end of the day, the bed bug is perhaps best described as an obnoxious, biting creep. Using their flat, shield-shaped bodies and tiny frames, these insects carefully pick their way into luggage bags, suitcases, bed sheets, and other objects to tag along with their favorite host – you!
Bed bugs are most commonly found in areas of high population or travel. This includes bus stops, train stations, airports, and hospitality businesses. Unless you catch them in the act, travel-seasoned bed bugs might just decide to tag along with the family during your next summer vacation!

The Many Problems Caused By The Davenport Bed Bug

Despite their small sizes and unobtrusive appearances, there are several health concerns that bed bugs create in the home and community. Thankfully, there is no concrete evidence that these bugs are capable of transmitting disease. What we do know is that the itchy bites of the bed bug cause sleepless nights, recurring insomnia, as well as painful welts around the arms, legs, back, and stomach. Bitten long enough, unlucky hosts may begin to develop a form of chronic anemia. Continuous scratching may result in open bites that bleed for long periods, leaving victims open to a host of secondary infections. Indeed, unless bed bugs are heavily controlled at their initial onslaught, your risk of dealing with serious health concerns will only continue to rise.

Another reason bed bugs are so dangerous to have around is because of the inherent difficulty of preventing and controlling them. Once bed bugs get into a residential facility, their numbers will quickly begin to grow. Their rampant rates of reproduction, coupled with their extraordinarily small size, allow bed bugs to hide in even the tiniest of places. Some of the bed bug’s preferred hideouts include mattresses, electrical outlets, carpets, and even pillowcases.

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Bed Bug Problem? No Problem For Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators!

Bed bugs are a triple threat pest here in the Davenport area. Not only are they hard to control and even harder to prevent, but their rapid rate of reproduction will continue to spawn more and more pests within your carpets, bedsheets, and mattresses. If you can’t keep them out during the active summer season, chances are you will be dealing with itchy, sleepless nights for many months to come.

At the first sign of bed bug infiltration in your Davenport home, contact the proven professionals with Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Years of hard work, seasoned expertise, and hands-on bed bug experience have taught us that it takes nothing but the best of the best to blot out bugs in their late-stage infestation process. Our service technicians are some of the best in the business and have served the residents of Davenport for years with integrity, quality, and speed.

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