The Key To Keeping Beetles Out of Your Bettendorf Pantry

Close up of a Cigarette Beetle.

Beetles are insects classified in the Coleoptera order, and more than 25,000 various species exist throughout North America. Beetles appear in many sizes and colors and are equipped with antennae, mouthparts for chewing, and front wings called elytra. In the realm of pest control, these creatures are commonly referred to as “pantry pests” because they often invade dry foods that are kept in storage, such as pasta, flour, and cereal.

Many of these pests are brought into homes and businesses within bags or boxes that are purchased from grocery stores or other vendors; however, some pantry beetles will invade directly from the outdoors. Often, people will notice beetles that are still in their larvae stage of development that commonly appear in a “wormlike” state.

Some of the most common types of beetles that invade pantries include:

  • Larder beetles: Rarely exceeding ¼ of an inch, larder beetles have an oval-shaped dark brown or black body.
  • Flour beetles: The red flour beetle and confused flour beetle are a reddish-brown color and are under 1/8 of an inch long.
  • Cigarette beetles: Known for infesting tobacco, cigarette beetles are tiny brown creatures.
  • Drug store beetles: Appearing in shades of red or brown, drug store beetles are tiny and known for their humpbacked body.

Are These Beetles Dangerous?

Pantry beetles are primarily considered nuisance pests that pose minimal risks to human health. Food products that are exposed to these pests may be contaminated and should be promptly discarded.

Tips For Preventing Them

Pantry pests generally can penetrate containers made of thin plastic, paper, or cardboard; therefore, transfer these foods into hard plastic or glass containers that seal completely before storing them. Always inspect the packaging of these products for any evidence of pests before purchasing them from grocery stores. Remember to keep pantry areas clean and free of crumbs.

Do I Need A Pest Extermination Professional?

What might appear as a relatively isolated or insignificant invasion by pests is often deceiving. Many of these critters are capable of rapidly procreating and expanding into a full-blown infestation. After noticing that the problem has worsened, many property owners turn to do-it-yourself treatment options sold through internet retailers or local home improvement stores. These are marketed using often sensationalized claims of being a simple solution. Some of the examples include sprays, traps, and granular formulas that tend to generate only short-term results.

Weeks later, many of these individuals realize that the store-bought products are insufficient for eradicating these pests completely and experience more frustration. The best way of initially responding to these problems is to promptly seek assistance from an experienced pest control professional that is well-equipped to solve these concerns efficiently.

Licensed Pest Control Professionals In Bettendorf

The staff with Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators has been actively assisting home and business owners that are struggling with pest-related concerns in the Bettendorf region since 1929. As a local company that is deeply rooted in this community, we strive to operate according to the latest standards for safety as we expel bed bugs, termites, rodents, and many other meddling pests that invade properties and may pose health risks. Part of our formula for the many decades of success involves a firm commitment to customer service that is backed by a total satisfaction guarantee.

Our organization has earned the QualityPro Certification that places our team among many of the leading pest control service providers in North America. This certification is awarded by the Foundation for Professional Pest Management, which is among the preeminent agencies in this industry for establishing best practices and safety standards. Contact us today to schedule an onsite assessment and estimate.

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