Watch Out For Rats This Fall

Rat on a wooden board.

Fall is upon us which means that rodents and other pests, including rats, are looking for a warm cozy place near a hearty food source to overwinter. Rat infestations of homes and businesses are more common in fall than during the warmer summer months in the Davenport area. Rats are creative when it comes to getting into your home. They can fit into small holes or can chew their way in. It’s best to do all you can to prevent rats from infesting your house as they carry disease and can contaminate your food. If you already have a rat problem or want to prevent one calling a professional is your smartest move.

How Rats Get In And What Attracts Them

Like with many pests, rats simply want a good meal. The most likely way to attract rats is to have an easily accessible food source. Rats aren’t picky, either, so what you and I might consider inedible, rats will have no problem with at all. This includes your trash, pet food, leftover cooking grease, dirty dishes in the sink, and the crumbs your toddler left between the couch cushions. For this reason, it’s best to use trash cans with a secure lid, vacuum frequently, and limit eating to the kitchen only. Also, wash dirty dishes nightly or leave them soaking in soapy water, and store pet food (and people food) in sealed plastic containers.

The most common type of rat in our area is the Norway rat. They are not good climbers. This means you should focus on preventing them from getting in around basements and your foundation. Look for small holes, entry points for utility wires, spaces around pipes, and cracks under doors as the easiest way for them to get in. But don’t underestimate their desire to enter your home, they will chew their way in to get at food.

Getting Rid Of Rats

Rats can be hard to get rid of as they are good hiders and are nocturnal, which means they only come out at night. They will live in your walls and crawl spaces which makes them hard to find. DIY rat traps are only effective if you can get them to the places where the rats are likely to scurry and be caught. It can take days or weeks to get lucky enough to snag a rat in your trap. In the meantime, they are scurrying around every night spreading their filth and contaminating your home.

A year-round pest control plan in Rock Island from Quik-Kill will help you keep rats and other rodents out of your home. With a no-obligation home inspection, we will visit your Rock Island home and provide suggestions for the best plan for pest control to prevent rats and other pests. Should you find yourself with a rat infestation, don’t hesitate to call us. We will eliminate your problem promptly!

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