Problems Cockroaches Bring To Businesses In Illinois And Iowa

prepping food in restauraunt

When a family is trying to choose where to eat for their evening out which is a more likely option for them to choose, the place down the road with better food but there are rumors about cockroaches in the kitchen, or the always clean and bug-free restaurant just a little further away? Time and time again, people will choose a cockroach-free establishment over good food. All it takes is one cockroach being spotted for a rumor to form and get out of control. Within a week, the rumor of one real cockroach could create the belief that an army of cockroaches was found. This begs the question, is your establishment at risk?

Cockroaches - Just A Threat To Business?

The short answer is, no. Though feared by business owners, cockroaches' ability to shut down businesses is not the only threat they bring:

  • Cockroaches are filthy and known carriers of a plethora of bacteria and viruses. All it takes is a single run over one of your outgoing dishes and you could have sick customers on your hands. And we can all agree, lawsuits are often just as bad as your business being shut down.
  • Cockroaches emit a smell. They enjoy living in nasty, rank-smelling environments, and the scent they give off is no different. It can even change the taste of the food you are serving.
  • Cockroaches in your facility is an instant health code violation. With a tough enough inspector, all it takes is one cockroach noticed within your establishment and your business, along with your reputation, could be in jeopardy.

Why Professional Pest Control Is Best For Your Business

Let us ask you this. Why take the risk when it comes to cockroaches? Yes, there is a chance your business may never experience a cockroach invasion without pest control, but why risk your reputation on that slim possibility? Trust the professionals with the tools to help.

Here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, your business's reputation is important to us. We offer top-of-the-line pest control in Moline and other exterminator services throughout the Quad Cities. Our pest programs are designed to keep cockroaches out along with all business-wrecking pests. We know you care about the reputation of your business, so give us a call. Learn how we can help - we will do what we do best to keep you doing what you do best.

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