Carpet Beetle Larvae In Davenport Ruin More Than Just The Carpets

Carpet Beetle larvae crawling.

Carpet beetles can cause serious damage to your Davenport home. The carpet beetle is a common pest in homes and other structures with lots of natural fibers. Despite their misleading name, they don’t only eat carpets. If left unchecked, carpet beetles can cause severe damage to many fabrics in a home. Knowing how to identify and eliminate a carpet beetle infestation is important in protecting your belongings.

Identifying Carpet Beetles

Despite what you may think, carpet beetles aren’t what causes damage to your home; it’s actually their larvae. The larvae are what can eat and infest the fabrics around your Davenport residence. Carpet beetles are small and multicolored, usually with brown, white, and yellow patches. They have round bodies and they can fly. Their larvae are larger than the adults and are covered in “hairs.” Due to the arrangement of these “hairs,” they appear to have brown stripes. “Where do carpet beetles lay their eggs?”, you may wonder. Carpet beetles will usually lay eggs inside a home, but they can also infest birds’ nests and other places outside.

The Damage They Cause

Carpet beetle larvae, contrary to their name, don’t only feed on carpets. They will eat almost any fabrics with materials they enjoy. They’ll eat hair, feathers, and natural fibers, such as silk, wool, and cotton. Although they do cause extensive property damage if not removed, they aren’t a real threat to you or your family’s health. They don’t carry diseases, and the maximum harm they can do is the occasional rash caused by small allergic reactions to the hairs on their abdomens. Despite this, you should still immediately attempt to remove carpet beetles from your home to stop them from costing you in repairs.

Preventing Infestation

“How do you know if you have a carpet beetle infestation?” is a common question we get here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Carpet beetles usually lay their eggs in corners and windowsills, so checking those places in your home can alert you to an infestation. There are multiple things you can do to stop carpet beetle infestations on your own. Keeping your window screens repaired, or buying them if you don’t have them, can stop carpet beetles from entering your home in the first place. You may wonder, “How do you get carpet beetle larvae in your house?” Carpet beetles can fly in through open windows and doors, and they lay their eggs inside the home. You can make sure they aren’t attracted to your home by making sure draperies and other fabrics are cleaned regularly.

If you find that you need assistance in eliminating carpet beetles from your Davenport residence, contact the pest professional at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators.

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