The Key To Keeping Pantry Moths Out Of Your Streator Home

Indian Meal Moth crawling on white fibers.

Pantry pests is a term used to describe various pests that will infest areas where dried foods are stored. Some of the products that pantry pests target include flour, pasta, pet food, cereal, and many others that are packaged and stored in a way that allows them access.

Many of the pantry pests that you will encounter have likely caused contamination to food. Some of the most common types of pantry pests include Indian meal moths, rice weevils, larder beetles, and grain beetles.

Can sugar contain pantry pests? Yes. In some cases, packaged food products are infiltrated during the transportation process or while on the shelves of local grocery stores. Once these pests have gained access to the interior of packaged foods, the majority of pantry pest control products are rendered ineffective.

What Do Pantry Moths In Streator Look Like?

The Indian meal moth has very distinctive wings that appear in shades of yellow or grey on one side and bronze or copper-colored on the other side. The adults will typically have a body length that exceeds a ½ inch and appears in various possible colors, while their offspring progress through a larval stage where their heads appear wither yellow or brown.

How Do Indian Meal Moths Get Into Streator Homes?

Indian meal months often enter facilities where food is being produced or stored and will sometimes be found in the packaging by the purchaser. These pests are also attracted to the lighting used in homes and might navigate their way indoors through small openings.

Effective Pantry Moth Prevention Tips For Streator Homes

How can sugar contain pantry pests? Many of these pests invade food production, processing, and packaging facilities and will begin consuming sugary or starchy items that are then shipped to local retail stores and sold. Here, the pantry pests will have plenty of available food and will begin rapidly creating offspring.

Are you struggling to determine how to get rid of pantry pest moths? Closely inspect items before buying them for any signs of damage to the packaging material that might allow entry. Look at the exterior of the structure for any potential entry points. For example, repair any torn screens, apply caulk or sealant to cracks, and place weatherstripping around the seals of windows.

The Trick To Total Pantry Pest Control In Streator

The best option for ousting pantry moths and other similar pests is to consult with a local pest control professional.

Local Provider Of Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Did you know that some of the store-bought pantry pest control products might contain harsh chemicals that potentially result in harmful interactions with cleaning products, surface materials, and other things that could generate poor indoor air quality? Most of the do-it-yourself treatment options also usually produce very mediocre results that prove ineffective against infestations where the pests have become well entrenched in the premises. Our skilled technicians understand how to get rid of pantry pest moths that have entered your home and many of the best practices for preventing them from returning.

Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators has now developed the Home Guardian Service and Home Guardian Service Plus ongoing protection plans. These year-round residential pest protection options are based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology and include Termidor, a leading professional termite prevention product. Our Home Guardian Service Plus program also includes our proven bed bug service option and more.

We have a specialist available to visit your home and conduct a meticulous inspection of the interior and exterior to identify the likely points of entry and the scope of the infestation. Next, we will propose a safe and effective course of treatment for quickly eradicating the problem. Contact us today.

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