What To Do If You Find Moths In Your Davenport Closet

Cloths Moth crawling on fabric.

Not all pest situations require immediate panic, but finding these winged creatures hidden away inside your closets may be a particular cause for concern. 
One of the most notorious pests in the Davenport area, the case-making clothes moth, is a flying menace for homeowners and apartment renters alike. These moths are no more than a half-inch in length, appearing in color patterns of grey, white, tan, and even yellow. Their swooping folded wings will often reach past their legs while at rest, making their bowed ligaments and long, black antenna very noticeable. 
These household bugs are named for the peculiar behavior of their larvae, which will spin comfy cocoons around themselves while nesting in clothing, blankets, or other soft fabrics. Case making clothes moths are some of the most reproductively active pests in the northeastern and central states, with females laying clutches of almost fifty eggs immediately upon exiting their cocoons. Without the care of a professional pest control company, populations of clothes moths will increase relatively rapidly.

A Case Against The Case Makers

Case making clothes moths will slip into homes by any means necessary, following porch and kitchen lights through cracks in windows, unsealed doors, and on the clothing of unwitting visitors. Once inside, the moths will set about feeding on some of their favorite materials, including:

  • Bird feathers 
  • Animal hides, furs, or taxidermy specimens 
  • Rugs and carpets 
  • Clothing and other attire, especially wool and cotton 
  • Some wooden furniture

These moths are known for boring holes as large as a quarter-inch wide in items all over the home and using the ingested keratin to spin their cocoons at the end of their larval cycle. To prevent case-making clothing moths from making a meal of your home’s mementos, consider the following preventative measures: 
Routinely inspect your closet areas for damaged or holey fabrics. 
Carefully wash and sanitize your seasonal clothing before putting it up for storage. 
Thoroughly seal cracks, gaps, and crevices around the home to keep wandering moths from squeezing their way inside. 
If you’re concerned that case-making clothes moths may be infesting the closets of your home, schedule your free home inspection now. 

Secure Your Kill With Quik Kill Pest Eliminators

Case-making clothes moths may have an intimidating name, but with the right expertise and support, these pests can be quickly and easily eliminated. If these winged forces of destruction do find their way into your closet, don’t try to get rid of them on your own. For moth prevention and protection that simply can’t be outdone, contact the professionals at Quik-Kill right away.

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