How You Can Avoid Yellow Sac Spiders

Yellow Sac Spider crawling on the floor.

There are few things as disturbing as seeing dozens of baby spiders crawling on your walls or inside your curtains. When this happens, we usually get a call to come take care of the problem. But we think it is a much better idea to deal with spiders "before" they become a problem, especially when it comes to the yellow sac spider. These spiders are responsible for more bites in the United States than any other spider.

Why They Come In And How To Keep Them Out

  • These are tiny spiders, which means they are able to gain access through very small entry points. If you have any damaged screens or weather stripping, it won't take long for yellow sac spiders to find those holes. It is important to inspect all of your screens and weather stripping to make sure they are doing their job. While you're doing this inspection, look for any gaps or holes around window and door frames, electrical conduit, and pipes.
  • Since these spiders prefer tall grass, leaf litter, weeds, and wood, these can bring them in close to your home. It is important to keep things neat and trimmed around your perimeter and move any stacked wood or construction material well away from your foundation walls.
  • These spiders hide during the day and come out to hunt at night. When they come out to hunt, you want them to find your exterior walls uninteresting. You can do this by having all of the bugs reduced around your home. This can be partially accomplished by replacing exterior white lighting with insect-resistant yellow lights, keeping all curtains closed, sealing all exterior trash cans, and keeping things dry. But to have the most impact on those bugs it is best to contact a professional pest control company to establish an ongoing pest control plan.

If you're in our Illinois service area, give us a call. At Quik-kill Pest Eliminators, we don't just eliminate pests, we keep them gone, with modern Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods, ongoing inspections, and treatments, through our Home GuardianSM Service.

Controlling spiders, like the yellow sac spider, starts with a proper control of all of the other many bugs that come in near to our exterior walls and squeeze their way into our homes. Get your barrier in place with Home GuardianSM. It's not just a quality of life upgrade, it is essential maintenance that every home should have.

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