Mice Prevention Tips

Mouse at the corner of a brown wall and white floor.

There you are, lying in bed, almost ready to head to dreamland and then… a loud scurry through the wall! You know what it is, so you grumble and try to ignore it, but should you? Mice are a problem that many people have faced at one point or another, and one that could happen to anyone. When winter hits they seem to become more of a problem, though if they get in at all they will likely keep getting in no matter the season, and they are not generally keen on leaving. Not to mention that mice, as cute as they might seem to some, introduce a world of problems into your home when they come!

Mice have ever-growing teeth, and to keep them short mice use the old-fashioned method, chewing. As they explore your home, looking for food and collecting nest-building materials to raise more mice, they chew through everything in their way. They don’t think for a second to stop when they get to a wire, creating potential fire hazards and undermining the integrity of your home. Mice introduce a pile of other problems, including other pest infestations like ticks and fleas, as well as directly and indirectly spreading disease. Mice are linked to the hantavirus, hemorrhagic fever, and many more serious health threats. Getting rid of mice is not something to put off, and where there is one there are usually more.

As common as they are, there are some things you can do to avert an infestation. You might not take note of the little crack in the foundation or the small gap around the window, but the mice sure do, and by not fixing it you are letting them in. Here are some prevention tips to help keep mice out of your home!

  • Keep wood and compost piles away from buildings.

  • Trim back overhanging branches and bushes from the house.

  • Obtain a tight fitting cap if you have a chimney and make sure all vent covers are secure in place.

  • Store trash in tight-fitted containers and remove it regularly from your property.

  • Quickly clean up spills of food or liquids.

  • Clean behind and under major appliances regularly.

  • Keep clutter to a bare minimum.

You can always set a trap or two should you wish, but with many infestations, it seems the mice just never end. With their ability to breed quickly, and in large amounts, it’s unlikely that your frustrations with mice will end anytime soon without a little help. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators in Rock Island and the Quad-Cities offers advanced eradication and employs techniques and tools that more than 85 years of service have narrowed down to a science. With two different year-round control plans that include rodent protection, we can not only rid you of mice, but set you up to not have to worry about them again. We will take care of potential pest entry points, remove any signs of pests, and monitor our traps and exclusion methods to ensure that mice don’t return. If you are unsure if a control plan is for you, we offer a free inspection and can help point out existing and potential issues due to pests. The next time you’re lying in bed and you hear a scamper in the walls, treat it as you would any intruder, and keep yourself safe by contacting us at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators!

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