Why Winter Bird Problems Are Best Left To The Professionals

Pigeon perched on a ledge.

There are numerous problems with pigeons, sparrows, and starlings invading businesses and commercial properties throughout Central and North Central Illinois, as well as Southwest Iowa. Understanding how to identify these birds is the first step to take in protecting your business from the damaging birds. And the best way to eliminate and prevent pest birds is to contact professionals that have effective bird pest solutions, like the professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators.
Pigeons are common all over the United States. They mate for life and usually remain in one nest made of grass, twigs, paper, and feces. Their nests are built on branches in parks or in commercial buildings, barns, warehouses, and rocky cliffs. Pigeons will eat just about anything that they can find, which is one of the reasons they love public parks and commercial buildings where they can investigate trash cans, and pick up discarded food. They do however leave a mess of droppings on the ground that can be slippery, pose a health risk, and be extremely unsightly. Pigeons have also been known to get caught in roof vents, machinery, and to cause equipment to malfunction.
Sparrows like places that have a plentiful food source and easy access to water. Their nests are made out of straw, string, fabric, grass, and sticks in a spherical shape usually near gutters, roof edges, soffits, overhangs, downspouts, and behind window shutters. Their diet consists of seeds, vegetables, fruit, grains, and insects. They can also cause problems with buildings and machinery.
Starlings tend to nest in cracks and crevices inside trees or the sidings of buildings. They are aggressive and flock in large numbers. They can also drive away other birds from the area that they are invading. Starlings feed on grubs, insects, fruit, grain, and seeds, and are notorious for getting into garbage and destroying gardens. These birds are another pest that can wreak havoc in a commercial facility.
These birds are exceptionally hard to prevent on your own. Pigeons are a problem all year long but, in the fall, sparrows and starlings come back from the north and cause the bird population to expand exponentially. This means more bird feces that can cause falls, and can mean more illnesses caused by the bacteria that the feces contain. Businesses can experience problems with nests that can clog gutters and cause water damage, as well as a fire hazard from nests located inside electrical boxes. And don’t forget that they can cause damage to gears, engines, and other types of machinery.
With all of the potential dangers of pest birds, it is very important for all businesses to contact bird control specialists like those at  Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We have tools such as netting and fogging that can deter these birds from becoming a problem for your business. We also offer an anti-roost system that discourages roosting by using humane tools such as spikes, coils, and gels. If you have birds currently invading your building, we can humanely capture them alive.
If you anticipate issues with pest birds, around your commercial or residential property in Davenport, don’t count on DIY methods that are costly, messy, and time-consuming, give us a call today at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for more information. You can’t go wrong with our advanced bird control options, and we also offer cleaning and sanitation to help with those hazardous roosting areas.

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