Why Do I Have Carpenter Ants On My Rock Island Property?

Carpenter Ant crawling on a twig.

Carpenter ants are equipped with a strong mandible that allows them to bite and tunnel through wooden structures. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not consume wood; rather, they burrow into or excavate it to create nesting sites. After establishing one nesting site, carpenter ants generally begin creating secondary or satellite nests nearby.

What Property Conditions Attract Carpenter Ants?

When in nature, carpenter ants often build nests within tree stumps, dead trees, firewood, or materials used in landscaping. Carpenter ants prefer to target wood that has been water damaged to begin carving out enough space to expand their colony. Carpenter ants typically eat honeydew and small insects; however, once indoors they prefer sugary and protein-rich foods.

Understanding The Damage That Carpenter Ants Can Create

Carpenter ants tend to create small holes in the surface of the wood and piles of powder-like sawdust (frass) usually accumulate. Wooden decks often have sections that will begin to split when carpenter ants have invaded. Wooden walls or doors may sound hollow when knocked on and floorboards may sound increasingly creaky when walked upon. 

When carpenter ants are eroding walls, the interior surface might appear warped or water damaged. In many cases, windows and doors will become more difficult to close from shifts within the adjacent wooden structure. 

Many property owners will not recognize an intrusion by carpenter ants until several months have passed and a significant amount of damage has already occurred. One common sign of an infestation is noticing small swarms of winged ants congregating on the premises as part of their spring mating ritual. 

Do I Really Need Assistance From A Professional Pest Controller?

Far too many individuals respond with indifference to indications that suggest their property is being infiltrated by unwanted critters. Weeks or months later, many of these same people recognize they had underestimated the potential of these pests to significantly expand their presence within the structure. Another common blunder occurs when people attempt to take matters into their own hands by purchasing do-it-yourself home treatment options that sometimes generate very mediocre results. 

Owners of property generally have made tremendous sacrifices and devoted significant time, money, and other resources toward acquiring, maintaining, and protecting their investment. Carpenter ants are among the few meddling pests that pose a bona fide threat to the structural integrity of the property that could result in costly consequences that are not typically covered by insurance policies. It is strongly suggested that those who suspect that the premises have been invaded by carpenter ants or other pests immediately consult with a professional exterminator.

Local Experts Providing Quality Pest Elimination Services

The experienced team of local professionals with Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators has spent many years delivering results for residential and commercial customers that are facing pest-related problems. Our technicians have had the latest training and are equipped with many of the newest products that have proven to be safe and effective.  We now offer a very comprehensive array of services that will resolve problems with ants, bed bugs, stinging insects, and many other unwanted pests. 

Our experts are available for conducting a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior areas of the property to accurately assess the nature and extent of the intrusion. We also recognize the importance of operating in a manner that is safe for our customers and protects the local ecosystem. We encourage you to contact our office today.

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