How Do You Keep Dangerous Cockroaches Out Of Your Peoria Home?

Cockroach crawling on a pathway.

Cockroach Identification

It’s time to meet Mr. Cockroach. We can call him that, but he is certainly no gentleman, in fact, his manners are atrocious! He will enter your home without an invitation, and make himself at home, never leaving. He will even bring his pregnant wife and all his relatives back to your place for a swinging party. Here’s a peek at the average Peoria home’s guest list:

  • American cockroach - They are the largest roach in the United States, measuring up to two inches long. Their bodies are brown with a yellowish figure eight marking. They can fly short distances.

  • Brown banded cockroach - These guys measure about ½ inch. They have a dark brown body with light color bands or stripes. The males will fly when disturbed, the females cannot fly.

  • German cockroach -These are tan or light brown with a slightly metallic sheen. They measure at ¾ inches. They have wings, but do not fly.

  • Oriental cockroach (a.k.a. Waterbugs) - Males and females differ slightly in size, but both have shiny black bodies with wings, and cannot fly. About one inch in length, and known for the stinky odor they secrete. 

  • Wood cockroach - Varying in size from ½ inch to 1.5 inches spending on their sex. Both have wings, but only the male can fly. They are dark brown with a whitish-yellow color on the edges of their wings.

Cockroaches carry some nasty germs as they scamper across your counter, and on your food. They can cause salmonellosis, cholera, and dysentery, to name a few. Also, they are known to be an asthma and allergy trigger for many people. According to the EPA, children are more susceptible to cockroach allergies than adults. Prevention is the key to avoiding these issues.

Where Are Cockroaches’ Favorite Hangouts?

Mr. Roach likes dark, damp and hidden places to socialize. The local Roach Pub and bowling alley are usually in places like between walls, under large appliances, basements, and woodpiles. They love forgotten places that are full of clutter and debris. But, when he decides to go out to eat, your countertops, cabinet, cookie jars, and kitchen floors offer up sumptuous five-star dining. It's best to store all food in air-tight containers as a preventive measure.

Moisture is important to Mr. and Mrs. Roach, as they will prefer romantic sultry dampness to stimulate their egg making tendencies. A thorough deep clean is a necessary step in ridding your Peoria home of cockroaches. This may include several trips to the trash bin. Please do not donate anything to a charity that may be infested.

How Are Cockroaches Getting In?

So, how do you figure out how Mr. Roach got into the house? Did he use the hide-a-key, or maybe come in through the backdoor? Well, however he did it, you can be sure he told all his friends. Let’s figure it out so we can put an end to the open-door policy. Here are some ways he may have come in:

  • They can be brought in unknowingly via a cardboard box, or a piece of second-hand furniture. They may even hitch a ride in your purse or suitcase. Maybe even from the grocery store. YUCK!

  • If you live in an apartment or duplex, it’s as simple as crawling through the wall from the adjacent dwelling.

  • Cracks in walls, defective door sweeps, and widows with damaged or missing screens may be entry points.

Go on a search for potential entry points, and seal with caulk. Check windows, screens, and door sweeps to be sure they are in good condition.

The Best Way To Uninvite Them From The Party

We want to help keep your family safe from the dangers associated with cockroaches. At Quik-Kill Pest Elimination, we have what it takes to do just that. We are a family-owned and operated business with 90 years of experience. We have been around since 1929 and have crashed many of Mr. Roaches’ parties. We proudly offer residential and commercial pest control services to Southern Iowa. Give us a call today for a free cockroach elimination estimate.

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