How Flies Get Inside Homes In The Fall

Fly crawling on a counter.

We are well into fall, but that doesn’t mean that pesky flies have completely disappeared. There are quite a few different species of flies, and the presence of different types of flies in your home can mean a variety of things. In some cases, the presence of flies can be an indication of another problem in your home.

Blow flies, also called bottle flies, are the first to show up when something has died. If you find them in your house, it could be an indication that some other type of pest, such as rodents, have found their way into your home and died within the walls.

Dark-winged fungus gnats live in wet, decaying, organic matter. If you find them inside your house, you most likely have a leak somewhere in the roof or between the walls that is providing these gnats with a consistently damp area in which to live.

Other flies may sometimes find their way into your house even if you don’t have another problem.

House flies will commonly find their way inside in search of food and water, and are quite content to feast on whatever garbage or open food you have lying around.

Fruit flies can get indoors from the outside, but usually enter your house on the fruits and vegetables you buy at the store.

Besides being a nuisance (and anyone who has had flies in their house can attest to the fact that are definitely a nuisance!), flies can also be dangerous. Because of their affinity for garbage and waste, flies will often carry around a host of germs and bacteria on their bodies. They’ll then walk around on your countertops or on food you’ve left out, contaminating these areas and leaving you with the chance of getting seriously sick.

There may be certain things you’re doing that are attracting flies to your home. The good news is that with some fairly minor changes, you can stop attracting flies and start preventing them instead.

First, consider the outside of your home:

Since many flies are attracted to garbage, waste, and decaying meat, make sure to keep garbage in tightly sealed containers.

  • Similarly, if you have a compost pile, keep it well away from your house.
  • Check all doors and windows for gaps and for tears or holes in screens.
  • Look around the perimeter of your house for cracks or holes in the foundation or siding.
  • Keep moisture to a minimum by creating good drainage systems, regularly cleaning gutters, and keeping mulch away from your house.
  • Clean up fallen fruits and vegetables from your garden and trees.

Next, consider the inside of your home:

  • Remove trash frequently.
  • Clean up spills and messes as soon as they occur.
  • Wash and put away dishes daily.
  • Keep food stored in airtight containers or in the refrigerator.
  • Toss overripe fruit.
  • Inspect food before bringing it into your home.
  • Check for water leaks and repair any that you find immediately, also repairing any damaged wood.

If your fly problems persist, or if you think that another pest has caused the fly infestation, it’s important to call in professional pest control experts. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators can eliminate your fly problem, identify and eradicate any other pest problems you may have, and help you to avoid a repeat occurrence in the future. Give us a call to discuss your fly elimination needs around your commercial or residential property in Moline and throughout the Quad-City area's.

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