Wolf Spider Infestations: How To Spot And Prevent Them In Your Moline Home

Brown spider crawling on the floor.

When it comes to spiders, looks can be deceiving. Some spiders may look scary and intimidating, but they are actually docile and harmless around humans. The wolf spider is a perfect example of this. This spider has a menacing appearance that can make anyone run in the opposite direction. However, they usually do not pose any health risks to humans. 

While these spiders may not be dangerous to you, having them in your home could indicate that you have other insects lurking around as well. At Quick-Kill Pest Eliminators, our Moline pest control specialists can help you determine why you are suddenly seeing these spiders around your home. 

How Wolf Spiders Are Different Than Other Spiders

One of the things that makes a wolf spider stand out from other spiders is their appearance. They have large, thick bodies and legs covered in fine hairs. On average, a female wolf spider can measure between ⅜ of an inch to 1 ⅜ inches. Maes are slightly smaller and are around ½ inch. These spiders can come in various colors, but they are usually a combination of dark brown and tan. Whether the spider is male or female, most people think the stout and hairy bodies of these spiders are scary looking.

When it comes to eating, wolf spiders in Moline have different behaviors than many other species. Instead of spinning a web and waiting for their prey to get stuck in them, wolf spiders take a more proactive approach. Like an actual wolf, wolf spiders stalk and pounce on their prey when ready to eat. Their dark-colored bodies act as camouflage, allowing them to blend into their surroundings. Their appearance, as well as their speed and agility, make them supreme hunters. 

Signs You Have A Wolf Spider Problem

Unlike other spiders, wolf spiders don't leave behind spider webs and other clues to let you know that they are in your home. Seeing a wolf spider crawling around your home is the best way to tell if you have a wolf spider problem. These spiders are nocturnal, so you are most likely to see them around your home at night. They also like to hide in dark spaces, like under furniture and in dark corners of a room. 

A Great Way To Get Rid Of A Wolf Spider Infestation

Wolf spiders are able to hide in inaccessible places in your home. This can make it extremely difficult for the average person to locate and eliminate the spiders in their home. If you want to get rid of spiders in your home quickly, the best way to achieve this is to call a professional pest control specialist that has experience with wolf spider control. They will know the habits and behaviors of the common spiders in this area, allowing them to predict their next move. 

Practical Tips To Prevent Wolf Spiders In The Future

Once you get rid of the spiders, there are a few things that you can do to prevent wolf spiders from coming back into your home in the future, including:

  • Remove old boxes and any other objects that are cluttering up your home
  • Seal any gaps or openings that you have around your home
  • Take care of any insect infestations you have around your home
  • Don't put firewood piles close to your home

If you are struggling to get rid of the wolf spiders on your Moline property, call the home pest control professionals at Quick-Kill Pest Eliminators. We will not only find out why these spiders are in your Moline home but also quickly eliminate them and keep them from returning.

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