Preparing For The Return Of Pest Birds In Fall

Two pigeons on a metal tube railing.

While pest birds are a year-round problem, they can become particularly frustrating for businesses during the fall when migrating birds such as sparrows and starlings return from the north. This can cause pest bird populations to grow and, in turn, increase the pest bird problems your Davenport, IA business will experience this season! In addition to migratory birds, the birds that can be a problem for businesses all year round like pigeons continue to be a problem in the fall!

Congregating birds can leave feces on sidewalks, storefronts, ledges, rooflines, and more. These unsightly droppings can create a slipping hazard, corrode building materials, and expose people to harmful bacteria and diseases. It is important to always wear protective gear and a respirator when cleaning up bird feces.

The nesting behavior of birds can create many problems for businesses. Birds can damage the soffits, fascia, and eaves of your commercial building as they search for places to nest. Pest birds often create their nests in gutters and downspouts, clogging them and creating the conditions for moisture damage. Some birds nest inside electrical boxes which can present a fire hazard.

There are many ways birds can present a problem for commercial properties. That is why it is so important for businesses to understand how bird control works!

Bird control specialists in Davenport, IA have many tools at their disposal, none of which will harm the birds. Netting installation helps to keeps birds from nesting in locations where they can cause problems or where their droppings may pose a health hazard to your customers. Bird aversion fogging works to deter these pests birds from congregating in areas that they may otherwise roost or nest. Anti-roost systems function similarly to scarecrows by discouraging the birds from roosting on your building through the use of humane bird spikes, coils, anti-roosting gels, and more. If the birds must be removed, the specialists will use humane traps to capture and remove the live birds from your commercial facility.

Before problems with pest birds arise this fall, reach out to a bird control specialist and have them perform an evaluation of your property! When you do, make sure they are a full-service bird control company with a solid track record, like the professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators! Our team provides customers in central Illinois and southeast Iowa with the most advanced bird control options available! We also offer cleaning and sanitation services to deal with hazardous roosting areas. Don't settle for anything less! Contact us at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for more information.

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