Top Cellar Spider Prevention Tips


When you go down into your cellar, there are some things you expect and some things you don't. You would expect to find your tools, seasonal decorations, and collectibles that you have stored down there. You may not be expecting bugs, rodents, and spiders. Here are the top cellar spider prevention tips.

What are Cellar Spiders?

You may not recognize the name “cellar spiders,” but you definitely know them by their more common name “daddy long legs.” Cellar spiders and daddy long legs are the same spiders.

The cellar spider is known for its long, thin legs. This spider is usually brown, but there are about 20 different species of cellar spiders in North America that range in color from yellowish to a pale gray color. The daddy long leg body is only about 1/4 of an inch to 3/8 inch, but its legs are significantly longer.

Cellar spiders are not dangerous to humans; their mouths are too small to inject venom into people.

Where do Cellar Spiders Live?

Cellar spiders get their name from the places they prefer. A cellar spider prefers dark areas such as cellars and basements. But that isn’t the only place you’ll find them. Cellar spiders may be in your storage unit, shed, garage, attic, sink, bathroom, and barn. As long as the space is cool and dark, a cellar spider will make itself at home.

How to Prevent Cellar Spiders

You can’t get rid of your basement or cellar, but you can make them less desirable for pests like the cellar spider. To prevent cellar spiders in your home, try these tips:

  • Seals cracks and openings around your home. Make sure you focus on the windows and doors when you are walking around the perimeter of your home. Screens are a good barrier against spiders and other insects.

  • Improve ventilation in your home, especially in your basement, cellar, and attic.

  • Use a yellow light outside of your home instead of white lights. Flying and crawling insects are attracted to white light and spiders are attracted to these pests.

  • Call Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for preventative and control services.

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