What Kind Of Flies Are In My Bettendorf House?

Bottle Fly crawling on a kitchen counter.

There are a variety of pests that you might encounter in your Bettendorf house, some of them can be more annoying than others. When people worry about pests, they often are concerned with dangerous pests like rodents or spiders. Sometimes more common pests can cause serious issues.
Flies are one of the most common insects you’ll get around your home during the warmer months. While it's true that these flying insects are annoying, they can also spread many germs and diseases around your home, including in your kitchen.
There are actually many species of flies that commonly invade area homes, and they all look and act differently. Here is a rundown of flies you may encounter.

  • Blow/Bottle Flies: These flies have metallic blue or green bodies. They are known for hanging around dead animals and laying their eggs in rotting flesh.

  • Fruit Flies: Fruit flies are a filth fly that is yellow or tan with red eyes. They are attracted to sweet food and drinks such as sodas, fruit, and syrup.

  • Drain Flies: This species is a small filth fly that has a fuzzy appearance. They live in, and lay their eggs in, sinks and garbage disposals.

  • House Flies: These flies the dark grey or black flies you might think of when picturing a fly. They are known for infesting places like garbage and sewers and spreading diseases to kitchen surfaces.

  • Phorid Flies: These flies are quite small and usually yellow or tan. They are attracted to the smell of rotting food but can easily spread throughout your home.

How Dangerous Are Flies?

Most people get annoyed by flies during the spring and summer months because they buzz around and are hard to kill. They can become a nuisance quickly, and even one fly can drive someone up the wall. But, the real concern is that flies can be dangerous as they spread so many germs.

Flies transmit diseases such as salmonella and typhoid and over 100 different pathogens.

The reason they spread these diseases is that they eat so many revolting things such as animal carcasses, feces, and garbage of all kinds. But, they are also attracted to human food, so they then spread the pathogens from these gross sources to human food.

Tips For Preventing Flies

Because of their disgusting habits and the ability to contaminate homes and spread dangerous diseases, preventing flies is an important thing to do. While prevention steps don’t always completely ensure that flies will stay out of your home, they can help lower the likelihood by making your home less appealing.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent flies:

  • Clean up any food spills right away.

  • Keep food stored properly.

  • Make sure pet food is stored correctly with a lid.

  • Keep your home, especially kitchens and bathrooms, clean.

  • Throw away rotting and overripe fruits and vegetables.

  • Regularly take out the trash and keep lids on outdoor garbage cans.

Help With Flies

If you’re looking to remove or prevent flies in your Bettendorf home, contact the pest control experts at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We provide high-quality pest control that is focused on providing quick responses, effective solutions, and guaranteed services. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your home from flies and other pests.

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