Why Late Summer Termite Prevention Matters For Davenport Homeowners


The kids are heading back to school, the workload is picking up at the office, and the temperatures are finally starting to cool down. August can be a bittersweet time of year, as it marks the end of summer. One of the sweet elements of late August is the decrease in insect activity. Many bugs become less active as fall approaches. Some insects may even disappear entirely until next spring. However, not all bugs adhere to this. Some bugs are active year-round or at least can be if they find the right environment. Termites fall into this category, and they can remain active well into fall.

How Do Termites Survive the Cold?

When we talk about termites, we are often talking about subterranean termites here in Iowa. These live in nests underground and are, therefore, more protected from the cold than some insects. However, they need to come out for food, which they may find in the wooden structures of your home. If termites have a direct route between their nest and your house, they can survive through the winter and be mostly unaffected by the cold.

Termites taking up residence in your house can happen if a termite nest is especially close to your home. Sometimes termites can even build nests beneath your foundation. If there are cracks in the foundation, they will have a perfect way into your house. They love damp, dark areas and cause most of their damage unseen. You may not even be aware of their presence until next spring, and by then, they will have caused irreversible damage.

Why Your House?

Termites enter homes because they want food and are attracted to cellulose—most often found in wood. However, there are many places termites could find wood. Why are they in your house causing problems?

  • Moisture - Termites love damp places. If you have a leaky pipe, a leaky ceiling, or wet wood or soil for any reason, termites will find the damp areas and make themselves at home. They often build nests in moist soil at the edge of your house. They may also feast on damp wood if you have a leak.
  • Outside Wood - Woodpiles, old stumps, or fallen logs can all attract termites. They may be on your property due to the natural wood found in your yard, but if they discover the easy access to food in your house, they may switch targets and slip inside. In addition to eating structural wood, termites can also eat furniture, bookshelves, or even books.
  • Other Factors - Termites might also be attracted to your home because of the temperature. When the weather drops, they will seek a warmer place, like your house.

How to Eliminate Termites

The best way to protect your house from termites is to hire a professional pest control service. At Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, we have years of expertise in eliminating termites and other pests. We have access to efficient tools and products such as the Sentricon®System. This baiting system is always active and offers long-term protection for your house by baiting the termites away from your wood. This system works through summer, fall, winter, and spring. If termites can remain active year-round, so can we. The Sentricon®System doesn’t take breaks in the fight against termites. Call now.

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