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Moline's Mini-Guide To The Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach

December 9, 2019

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Wood cockroaches are common outdoor insects in Moline that sometimes get into homes. If you're seeing these roaches inside your home, it is likely that you have questions. Here are some common questions we get about Pennsylvania wood cockroaches. See if your question is here.

What does a wood cockroach look like?

There are many species of wood cockroach and some variation in appearance between the species. Some are tan, some are brown in color. These cockroaches are often mistaken for American cockroaches but they are actually quite different in appearance. They also differ in the way they behave. The difference in behavior is the easiest way to tell that you have a wood roach problem.

How are wood cockroaches different from other cockroaches?

There are many differences between wood roaches and other cockroaches. The most noteworthy difference is that wood cockroaches are drawn to light. This attraction to light will have you seeing these roaches far more often than any other roach. They're also not as timid as other cockroaches. Wood cockroaches are more likely to crawl around right in front of you, taunting you with their presence. Other cockroaches will make a rare and random appearance in unexpected places.

Is a wood roach a cockroach?

Since wood cockroaches act so different from other roaches, people often wonder if they are really cockroaches at all. Yes. They are cockroaches in every way that matters. They can spread illness and they can get into your home. They just don't stay inside your home.

Can wood roaches infest your house?

These roaches get into your home by accident. Once inside, they're going to look for food and water. If they find these resources, they'll get what they need and return to the outside. They prefer to crawl around on soil rather than tiled or hardwood floors. They would rather be in a rotting log than inside the hollow voids of your walls. They're also not known to breed indoors.

What attracts wood roaches?

There are many things that can attract wood roaches to your Moline home. Controlling these attractants is one of the ways you can prevent these roaches from getting inside.

  • Moisture. There are many ways moisture can develop around your home. The most common is a clogged or broken gutter system. If you have high moisture near your home, these cockroaches will be drawn in because, where there is moisture, there is often rotting wood.
  • Leaves. Leaf litter can create the perfect environment for wood cockroaches. It is important to keep leaves raked up and away from your home.
  • Logs, stumps and dead trees. Wood cockroaches hide from predators in these locations and they lay their eggs in them as well.
  • Piles of wood. Any pile of wood can draw wood cockroaches but firewood can be a particular problem because you can bring these cockroaches in with you when you go out to get wood for your fire— not just as adult cockroaches but as eggs. If these eggs hatch inside your home, you could have trouble. Refrain from storing firewood in your home. Bring wood in when you're ready to use it, and consider storing exterior firewood on an elevated platform.
  • Wood siding. While wood cockroaches can get underneath vinyl siding, they are more prone to getting under wood siding. This is because wood cockroaches get under bark on trees and they can't tell the difference between your home and a tree.

Ongoing Cockroach Prevention

Wood cockroaches can be a big nuisance and they can spread illness. While not as high a threat for illness as other cockroach species, they can still make you sick. Keep these and other illness-spreading pests out with a residential pest control program. For help with this, reach out to Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We offer effective and affordable residential pest control programs for Moline residents. We can help you with those roaches. 

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