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Bird Elimination & Exclusion in Central Illinois & the Quad Cities

Pigeons, sparrows and starlings are among the most common pest birds plaguing businesses in central Illinois and the Quad Cities. More than a nuisance, pest birds accelerate deterioration of buildings and equipment with their droppings and nesting habits. Pest birds are a serious and constant public health problem in that they have the potential to contaminate food destined for human consumption and may transmit disease, bacteria, fungal agents, and parasites. If your company is looking for a bird control solutions that stops damages caused by birds, reduces health and safety hazards and ensures your brand reputation remains intact, contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators.


Quik-Kill’s Pest Bird Solutions

Our team of trained bird abatement technicians will provide bird removal, cleanup, and preventative services for pigeons, sparrows, and starlings as well as other pest birds that cause problems in and around commercial facilities in our region in the Quad Cities and Peoria. We specialize in the following services:

  • Anti-Roost Systems
    Deters birds from roosting through the use of humane bird spikes, spring wire, coils, electric shock, and anti-roost gels.
  • Netting Installation
    Useful for large areas where anti-roost systems are not practical, netting excludes birds from becoming a problem around facilities that have semi-enclosed spaces and large open areas.
  • Bird Aversion Fogging
    Ideal for sparrows, starlings, and other pest birds when netting is not an option, bird aversion fogging causes pest birds to vacate areas where they might otherwise roost and nest.
  • Bird Trapping
    Quik-Kill uses humane traps to capture and remove live birds from commercial facilities. Professional bird traps are available in a variety of sizes to ensure that all species of pest birds are controlled.
  • Nest Depredation
    Available only for Canada geese and seagull problems, this method of bird control requires a permit.
  • Visual & Audio Deterrents
    Used to deter Canada geese and seagulls prior to nesting, visual and audio deterrents make pest birds wary of an area and cause them to stay away.
  • Specialized Cleaning & Sanitation
    Targeted cleaning and sanitizing of areas where pest birds have been nesting and roosting.

Pest birds will continue to be a problem in both urban and rural settings but with help from Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, your facility does not have to host these destructive pests.

Keep Pest Birds Away From Your Facility!

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