Get Rid Of Ants Fast!

Common ants in our area include fire ants, pavement ants, and carpenter ants. While fire ants and pavement ants do not pose dangers or health threats, carpenter ants can cause costly structural damage to your home when left untreated! In general, ants pose a contamination threat to your food. If you have seen ants in your home, be sure to call Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators now!


many ants in a bathroom in a home in kankakee illinois

Why Do I Have An Ant Problem?

Ants are notorious for invading homes, mainly because they are foraging for food (commonly sweets, starches and liquids) or water sources. They can easily find entrances into homes through very small gaps in your foundation, exterior walls, around doors and windows, and many other points leading into the home. Once ants find a food or water supply in your home, they will continue to return to collect it and bring it back to their nests. Ants can also be very problematic inside a home because of how rapidly they can reproduce, and because of how difficult they are to control.

an ant crawling on food in a home in eldridge iowa

Can't I Just Get Rid Of Ants Myself?

DIY (do-it-yourself) ant control is not an effective way to get rid of ants because it does not treat the cause of the problem; ant nesting areas. DIY ant control will only treat and potentially kill the ants that you see inside your home. It will do nothing to keep ants from building future colonies around the home. DIY ant control can also cause foraging ants to split from the main nest site (in order to avoid repellents), and can actually make your ant problem worse. Using DIY ant repellents will force the ants to create new colonies which will only lead to increased ant activity on your property or in your home.

many ants crawling inside of a home in plano illinois

Are Ants Dangerous?

Ants are not known to be dangerous pests, although some species can bite or sting. Ants are typically considered to be nuisance pests, and for good reason. Even though they aren't necessarily harmful to people or pets, an ant infestation should be eliminated quickly as they are capable of contaminating food products inside homes and businesses.

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