Are Paper Wasps Dangerous To Homes & Yards?

a paper wasp on its nest in geneseo illinois

When paper wasps come into a yard, it is a mix of benefit and threat. While they help with pollination and they reduce the spider population, they are a stinging hazard. This stinging hazard far outweighs the benefits of having a paper wasps' nest in your yard. It is better to find and remove nests created by these insects as quickly as possible and have only occasional paper wasp visitors to your property. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Paper Wasps Have A Nest-Protection Instinct

When paper wasps are away from their nest, they are mostly docile. If you don't take a swing at them, they're likely to leave you alone. You can even have a paper wasp land on you and fly away without stinging. You just need to slowly move your arm to encourage the wasp to go somewhere else. A paper wasp that is near its nest is likely to respond aggressively. It is the nature of these insects. There isn't a lot they can do about it, so it is not a good idea to have a paper wasp nest on your property. It is better to only have visitors.

2. A Growing Nest Is A Growing Problem

Each year, paper wasps begin a new cycle. Female reproductives emerge from hiding and create new nests. Through the spring and summer, the nests grow their populations. By fall, nests are filled with paper wasps that are busily looking for food sources to feed the newly hatched females that will be the queens of next year's nests. This is an ever-growing problem. As the year moves on, you'll see more and more wasps in your yard. What's worse, in the fall, before all the worker wasps die off, they become more aggressive as they prepare their queens for overwintering.

3. Paper Wasps Are Social Insects

When paper wasps create a nest in your yard, they don't just present a threat because they are wired to protect those nests, they are social insects that can swarm when they sense danger. If you go near a nest and a worker drone detects you, it will release a pheromone that warns the other drones. Within a few seconds, the air will be swarming with wasps that want to sting you. For young children, infants, and the elderly, who are unable to quickly get away, this can lead to many stings.

4. Paper Wasps Sting Multiple Times

You might be aware that when a honey bee stings, it loses its stinger and dies. This is not the case with a paper wasp. Unlike honey bees, wasps don't have a barb on the end of their stinger to get stuck in your skin. They can cling onto you and sting multiple times. So all that is required for numerous stings is contact with a few successful wasps.

5. Paper Wasps Are Nosy

Okay, this one is a slight hyperbole. They may not have the personality type of being "nosy" per se, but they have a propensity for accidentally getting into homes that have damaged or missing door and window screens. If they find a way into your home, they may create a nest inside. This can increase their ability to cause harm.

6. Paper Wasps Can Be Dangerous

Some people are allergic to wasp venom. If you or someone in your home has this allergy, a nest in your yard or in your home could become a dangerous threat. Worse, it is possible for you to not know that you have this allergy. You can get stung by a wasp on one occasion and have no reaction but get stung on a second occasion and have an anaphylactic response.

Stinging Insect Control

The best solution for stinging insects is to invest in a residential pest control plan that includes coverage for wasps and hornets. With routine pest control, you can protect your family from wasps as you also get essential coverage from other dangerous pests like ticks, rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and more.

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