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Protect Your Home with Year-Round Pest Control Services

Time is of the essence! You can get ahead of pest infestations right now by protecting your home with a year-round pest control service. There is no better time to protect your home than before summer hits – the time when pests will be at their highest numbers and proactively protecting your home from an infestation is far better than deal...

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home with year-round pest control services

May 26, 2017

Problems Carpenter Ants Cause

If you experience damaged wood due to an insect, it may not be termites. Termites might be the only insect that eats through wood, but not the only one that can do extensive damage to wood. The problem may be carpenter ants, and they can be just as damaging as termites!...

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carpenter ant

April 28, 2017

Common Spiders In Central Iowa

Spiders are a problem no matter where you live in the United States. Although many spiders are just scary looking and a nuisance to many homeowners, some can be very dangerous. Knowing the difference between the types of spiders can ease your mind a little and knowing who to call when spiders become a problem is essential....

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black widow spider up close

April 26, 2017

Spring Break Travel Warning For Bed Bugs

Are you planning to take a trip to Southern Florida for spring break? You should be aware that bed bugs are in Southern Florida. Are you planning to take a trip to New Orleans for spring break? You should know that bed bugs are in New Orleans. Are you considering Lake Havasu for your spring break? Yup. There are bed bu...

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bed bug crawling across bed

March 28, 2017

Spring Ants In The Quad Cities

It is about to become ant season here in the Quad Cities. Are you excited? Maybe when you were a kid you were but, as an adult with a home or business, ants can be frustrating and destructive pests to deal with. Fortunately, you don't have to deal with them alone. The experts here at Quik-Kill have a few tips to help...

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carpenter ant in damaged wood

March 17, 2017

Schedule Your Mosquito Control Before These Pests Arrive

If you feel like you've been hearing more and more about mosquito viruses in the news, you're not imagining things. You actually are. With the recent threat of Zika hitting our shores, mosquitoes are becoming public enemy number one again. But, the threat of mosquito viruses has been around for some time...

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mosquito biting skin

March 1, 2017