Don't Leave Your Bettendorf Carpets And Closets At Risk For Fabric Pests This Summer

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Did your grandmother keep blankets in a cedar chest or sweaters in a drawer with smelly mothballs in it? Grandma’s habits might be old fashioned, but the fabric pests she was trying to keep away from her linens and clothing are still present in Bettendorf.

If you find small holes in your clothing, blankets, or other items made of natural fabric, the damage might be coming from these two kinds of pests.

Carpet Beetle Larvae

  • Carpet beetle larvae feed on things such as fabric, animal hair, silk plants, and similar items. They’ll also eat hair and lint. The larvae are about a ¼ inch long and are brown or tan with white and tan stripes and bristly hairs.

  • Carpet beetle larvae can damage food items as well.

  • Once they become carpet beetles, the larvae don’t feed on fabrics.

Case-Making Clothes Moths

  • Both case-making clothes moths and their larvae can damage fabrics from organic sources, such as silk and wool. Additionally, these pests will feed on a variety of items from natural sources, such as feathers, animal skins, and dried herbs.

  • These moths are small – ½ inch or smaller – and are a brownish-gray color. Younger months have three dark spots. The larvae look like cream-colored worms that are about ½-inch long. The larvae live in a case of silk-like particles that they carry with them as they move around and feed.

What Can You Do?

Because they are small (or can fly) it’s difficult to stop these beetles and moths from entering your home and laying eggs. However, there are a few things you can do.

  • Wash fabric items, such as clothes you’re putting away for the season, and then store them in sealed containers.

  • Vacuum your home frequently to remove eggs.

  • Seal cracks around your foundation, windows, and doors to help keep the pests out.

  • Inspect items you’re bringing in from outdoors, whether it’s a plant you’ve put out to get some sun or your shoes after you’ve been out gardening, to make sure no creatures are hitching a ride inside.

If you notice the kind of damage that is likely caused by fabric pests, holes in wool blankets or silk flowers, for instance, call Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Getting rid of fabric pests on your own can be difficult, and damage done to your belongings can be expensive. That’s why Bettendorf residents should rely on our experienced technicians to eliminate fabric pests.

We offer a range of pest control solutions for all your pest problems. Call us today for details.

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