How To Identify The Yellow Sac Spider

yellow sac spider

Yellow sac spiders are quite easy to identify since they are one of the smaller spiders at a little more than 1/4" in length and are unique in their coloring; predominantly a pale yellow, they can also have a slight green tint to them. They have long slim legs with small brown tips on the ends, and two rows of four dark brown eyes. They primarily feed on insects and other types of spiders, but unlike most spiders that catch their meals, yellow sac spiders are predators that go out and hunt their prey. They can also bite if someone were to mishandle them, but their venom is not strong enough to cause a reaction. If their bite does cause a reaction, it will not be very painful, but may cause a small red welt that should go away fairly quickly.

Typically these spiders are nocturnal and stay outdoors, as they build their web masses in piles of leaves, woodpiles, bushes, and trees. They will hide in their web mass all day, emerging to hunt for food or build and maintain their webs at night. Sometimes they find themselves indoors after hunting for food, generally around appliances, in curtains, attics, closets, and basements. They will also creep inside homes for warmth when the weather gets cooler through cracks and crevices in foundations and exterior walls. Yellow sac spiders are a nuisance to have around, mostly because they are creepy and leave web masses everywhere that can make a yard and home look very untidy.

It’s important to seal cracks in foundations and exterior walls in order to prevent spiders from entering your home. Installing door sweeps and removing piles of leaves in your yard can also be of help. You should also keep woodpiles well away from your home, declutter your yard, storage, closets, basement, and attic. If you keep your home free of other insects, you could deter yellow sac spiders from wanting to reside in your house. The best way to accomplish this is by enlisting the help of a professional pest service.

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