Do Ladybugs In Moline Bite?

ladybug on leaf

Ladybug Facts

Adult ladybugs have a very recognizable appearance, with a dome-like body in shades of bright red or orange and small darker markings. It is estimated that approximately 5,000 different species exist throughout the world today.

When outdoors, ladybugs often gravitate toward warm areas of direct sunlight. As cooler temperatures develop, ladybugs seeking warmth will invade homes and businesses through small openings or hibernate in groups with others. Sometimes ladybugs will remain hidden within walls, below floors, or in other similar areas.

The females will usually lay small clusters of yellow or gold-colored eggs. A female can produce many hundreds of eggs each year, but many of them fail to reach adulthood. The phases of ladybug development include a transition from larvae to pupa, before reaching adulthood and developing wings that typically exceed their body length.

Are Ladybugs Dangerous?

Ladybugs have the capability of biting; however, they usually lack the strength needed to pierce the skin of a human and are a minimal risk for infection. Ladybugs also contain a poisonous liquid, which is fairly mild.

Overall, these bugs are considered more of a nuisance than any legitimate threat to human health. If a ladybug located indoors is squished, its bodily fluids may create a stain on upholstery and other materials.

The Lingering Effect Of Pheromones

Ladybugs generate pheromones that often create an offensive smell. These chemicals serve as a means of communication that attracts others for their reproductive purposes. Experts believe that ladybugs can detect pheromones from hundreds of feet away. Pheromones can linger for long periods and continue attracting others to the property for months or years; therefore, thoroughly cleaning the home after infiltration is critical.

Properly Responding To Pest-Related Problems

Some property owners underestimate the potential for a small pest invasion to expand into a much more serious problem that poses a significant challenge to eliminate. As a result, many of these individuals delay and fail to take action. Many others choose to take matters into their own hands by purchasing home treatment options from online retailers or local stores that are cleverly marketed as being a quick and easy solution.

Many of the mass-marketed do-it-yourself products include aerosol sprays, baiting stations, and foggers that are ineffective and create merely short-term results. Also, some of these items may contain harsh chemicals that could create health risks. The best initial response to these types of problems is to contact a pest extermination professional regarding a detailed property inspection.

Licensed Pest Control Service Provider In Moline

For more than 85 years now, the team of local professionals with Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators has been delivering results for those facing pest-related problems in this region. We have experience assisting customers in many various residential and commercial settings including homes, condos, medical facilities, educational institutions, food service, industrial operation, and more. We partly attribute our long-term success to our firm organizational commitment to providing excellent customer service, which is clearly affirmed by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Our seasoned technicians are properly trained and equipped for eliminating intrusions involving termites, bed bugs, stinging insects, and many other bothersome and potentially dangerous pests. As a local company with deep roots in this community, we operate in a manner that ensures the safety of our customers and the environment. Contact our office today for an inspection and estimate.

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